Top 10 Best News Shows in India

News shows have always been one of the most viewed daily show in any Indian family. Individuals of all age group watched and enjoyed their favorite news shows on the daily basis. Presently, there are a number of news channels in Indian Television which telecast daily news. In addition to this daily news, these channels also air some other shows like the documentary, Panel discussion etc. Some shows of these channels are well-acknowledged by the audience.

Here is the list of such Top 10 best news shows on Indian television in the year 2016.

10. Halla Bol

Halla Bol

Halla Bol is the news-cum-debate show which was telecast on famous Hindi news channel Aaj Tak. This popular show is hosted by famous personality and multiple award-winning journalist Anjana Om Kashyap. This show cover highest TRP rating in the news show category for the long span of time. Coverage of Dec 16 Nirbhaya Gang rape case takes this show to the new height of popularity.

9. We The People

We The People

We the People is another popular news show of English News channel NDTV 24*7. It is aired daily and hosted by political activities and controversial journalist Barkha Dutt.  Debate discussion on various burning subjects like the return of Kashmiri Pandits, Attack on the military base in Pathankot, Jat agitation in Haryana, Controversy in JNU etc. make this show as one of the highest TRP rating news show of India.

8. To The Point

To The Point

To the Point is the top news show of famous English news channel India Todays. The show is aired on weekdays at 7:45 PM and hosted by prominent speaker Karan Thapar.It highlights the current affairs issue as the point of debate &  discussion and tries to bring the hidden truth on the basis of facts and figures. Famous social personalities and politicians are invited in this how for the panel discussion.

7. Question Time India

Question Time India in india

Question Time India is another name in this Top 10 list of best news shows of India. This is the talk show in which various prominent personalities and politicians of the world have participated. The show was telecasted on BBC channel and hosted by Prannoy Roy. The show covers the discussion on current burning issues as well on the current affairs incidents.

6. Taal Thok Ke

Taal Thok Ke

This is a discussion show which comes in between 5 PM to 6 Pm and 8 pm to 9 pm in the evening at the Zee News. The theme of the discussion generally focuses on the present political, communal or financial affairs in the country or world. The debate on the show is mostly accompanied with queries and replies presented by the famous reporter Mr Rohit Sardana. In the show, the video resources, as well as information linking to the topic of discussion, are presented as the proof by the host.

5. Frankly Speaking with Arnab

Frankly Speaking with Arnab

Frankly Speaking with Arnab is one of the most popular news show on Indian Television. The show is hosted by one of the prominent speaker Arnab Goswami and aired on Times Now every Saturday and Sunday. He takes on the one-to-one discussion of the current hot topics with famous and expert personalities of the nation.

4. Bazaar Morning Call

Bazaar Morning Call

Bazaar Morning Call is the business news show aired on CNBC TV-18 every morning. This show was earlier hosted by well-known anchor Udyan Mukherjee which is presently being hosted by Anuj Singhal. It is rated as one of the best economic news show for those who are doing trading in Stock Market. It gives the recent updates about shares, stocks, company internal performance etc. Due to its detailed analysis of every stock, it is having one of the highest viewership shops for stock market investors.

3. NDTV 24*7 Left, Right, and Centre

NDTV 24*7 Left, Right, and Centre

Left, Right and Centre is a famous news show of NDTV 24*7. This show is aired every evening and hosted by one of the best and famous Indian Journalist Nidhi Razdan. In addition to the daily news and breaking news, this show cover the debate in which distinguished personalities of respective fields have been invited to the studio.

2. News Today

News Today

News Today is rated as one of the best news show of Indian Television industry. The show is aired on India TV at 9 PM from Monday to Friday. The show talks about the big and most controversial stories of the country and put the fact in front of its audience. Apart from covering daily news, it also holds discussions with famous personalities of the nation.

1. News Hour

News Hour

News Hour is famous debate show aired on Times Now Channel at 9 PM from Monday to Friday. Due to its huge fan following, highest TRP rating for weeks after weeks, this show tops this list of Top 10 best news shows of India. The host of the show plays an active role in the discussion and also in interrogating the subject with guest speakers.

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