Top 10 Best Movies of Nivin Pauly

There are various people around the world which mark their own place into the world and these people are known for their work. There are various actors in the film industry and some of them with their acting had played best of the roles. One of such actor is Nivin Pauly which is a Malayalam actor and also a film producer. He was an engineer and is brought up in Switzerland.

He started his career with the Malarvadi Arts Club and later did many of the films. There are various top best movies of Nivin Pauly such as –

Nivin Pauly

10. Puthiya Theerangal 

This film was directed by the Sathyan Anthikkad and the story is based on the young girl known as Thamara who had lost her parents at very early age. Then the old man brings her home and treats her like her daughter. The story is based on the bond which both the girl and the old man shares among them. Then the changes come into their life when the new people come around and started living on the bank of the sea.

9. Neram 

This film was directed by the Alphonse Putharen and has the bilingual narration in both Tamil and Malayalam. This story is based on the teaching of the real life that both the bad and good come into our life and each had its own importance. This story is based on the life of a girl and boy who wants to get married but due to some reason could not and how they tackle to the situations which occurs in their life.

8. Ohm Shanthi Oshaana 

This movie is directed by the Jude Anthany Joseph and the story is about that the girl falls in love with the boy and how she chases him. She belongs to a rich family and from the very childhood wants to do the love marriage and on the other side the boy belongs to the poor family of the farmer. She tries to tell the feelings but could not and when she started thinking that they are in relationship but she got to know that he is engaged. But in the end they both get married.

7. Action Hero Biju 

This film was directed by the Abrid Shine and the film is about the sub inspector who is given the information that who faces different criminals. This whole movie is on the things done by the inspector with lot of action and various moments. This is based on the selfless story of inspector towards its nation.

6. Oru Vadakkan Selfie 

This story is based on the below average student who is pursuing engineering and had backlogs around 40. He needs to clear the entire backlog for getting the degree. He has never succeeded in their life. He then wants to get into the direction of the film and luck in the movies. His father wanted him to run the store they had. He then moves to Chennai and after failing in the movies came back to the town, where he finds that everyone is angry.

5. 1983 

It was directed by the Abrid Shine and the story is based on the sport Cricket. In a village there are people who want to play cricket. It is the story of a father and son. The father could not able to pursue his dreams of becoming a cricketer but when his son born he showed interest in the cricket. Then he helps his son to get the coaching of the cricket and how he helps him to get into the team of, under 14 and wishes to be in Indian team one day.

4. Thattathin Marayathu 

This movie was directed by the Vineeth Sreenivasan and the story is of a hindu boy who fell in love with the muslim girl. Their meeting in the very first time ends up in an accident and he fell in love with her. He wants to participate in Duffmuttu which the girl is doing and is participating. He learns it and after the program, he proposes the girl and she gave reply to him in the letter.

3. Bangalore Days 

This story is based on the story of the 3 cousins Arjun, Krishnan and Divya who live together in childhood but when they grow all get apart. Arjun works as a bike racer and behind his dreams he did not accept the love. Krishna is an engineer who married a traditional girl and fell in love with other, later realized that he is using him. Divya got married as per his parents and are not happy. This is about how the youngsters manage their life nowadays.

2. Jacobite Swargarajyam 

This story is based on the story of the successful businessman and its four sons. The businessman is known for his best of ideas and did the business which flourishes. Later due to recession it all destroyed and later how his son managed to get all the things sorted out.

1. Premam 

This story is about the boy who fell in love with three of the girls and later due to some of the issues, two girls left him. When she fell in love with the third girl she was also engaged and later they both get married.

There are various movies in which he played best of the roles and one should see the best of its performance in the film.

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