Top 10 Best Makeup Setting Sprays Available in India

Makeup makes you look lovely. It adds style to your identity. Cosmetics are one of the essentialities of a lady. Loads of arranging and believing is done when choosing for the best sort of cosmetics splash for your skin. Keep an eye out at the quality than cost else it can lessen your excellence and picture and bring you humiliation.. It likewise makes your cosmetics stay longer. Keeping your cosmetics from softening down, cosmetics setting-showers expand the backbone of your establishment, eye shades and become flushed. Here is a list of ten best makeup setting sprays available in the market.

10. Ultra Setting Spray By Kryolan

This spray makes a thin coat on your makeup when you spray it and thus makes it stays for a longer duration. It also prevents the skin from the oil and greasing and is also waterproof. It does not take much time to dry and also leaves nothing on your face and doesn’t give a heavy feeling.

9. Vitamin E Enriched Facial Mist by The Body Shop

It is rich in vitamin E, which is good for skin. It prevents the skin from drying and also sets up the makeup and has a nice smell of a rose, which refreshes the mood. This product lasts for a long time.

8. NYX Makeup Setting Spray

This product has a good range of face sprays which ranges from oily to dry skin types. It is also light in weight and you do not feel heavy and cakey after applying this spray. It comes with a sweet smell and it lasts for the entire day.

7. Cinique Moisture Surge Face Spray

This skin is perfect for all skin types and it keeps the skin hydrated and is long lasting. It is a little expensive but it is worth a buy. This product has no extra oil added and hence does not makes the skin oily or greasy.

6. Colobar Skin Stay the Day Finishing Mist

It is similar to the MAC Fix plus spray and is affordable when compared with MAC. It can also be used as toner and also as the spray for makeup. It does not makes the skin oily, in fact leaves it soft, smooth and hydrated. The spray does not have any strong smell, and is chemical free.

5. Pro-Base Fixing Mist by MUA

It is light in weight and also hydrates the skin. It is a perfect product for those who have oily skin and acne prone skin. It keeps the makeup safe in all seasons and allows the skin to look fresh and hydrated throughout the day.

4. Krylon DermaColor Fixing Spray

One of the best sprays for oily skin with a SPF 20. It prevents the skin from sun rays and from getting oily and greasy. It also prevents the shine on your face and keeps it hydrated for longer hours. It is one of the must-haves products for the beginners.

3. MAC Fix+

One of the best makeup setting sprays available in India. It tones the skin and keeps it hydrated for the entire day. It keeps the face fresh and glowy. It is the best product for dry skin.

2. Elf Studio Makeup and Mist

It is perfect for all skin types and has various natural ingredients such as aloe vera, mineral, vitamins and it keeps the skin hydrated for the entire day without making it flaky and dry. It also refreshes the skin.

1. Urban Decay All Night Makeup Setting Spray

Urban Decay All Night Makeup Setting Spray

It is the most common used product by the makeup artists as it is chemical free and suits all skin types. It refreshes your skin, is light weight and also hydrates it.

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