Top 10 Best Inverter & UPS Brands in India For Home

Before going to read this article you have to know what an inverter is. An inverter is a DC powered device which intakes DC power and it is converted into AC power that we use for household purpose. This DC power comes either from battery or from solar. When you face any load shading problem this inverter supplies power and with this power you can run your electrical equipment. Due to frequent power cuts mainly in summer season demand for inverters in going on increasing. Apart from household purposes, inverters are also in high demand in financial institutions, government institutions, hospitals etc.

This article is for whom who want to know what are the top 10 best inverters or UPS Brands in India.

10. True Power

This home appliances and power electronics company is very popular in Indian market as it produces best quality and high featured inverters. Some of the best quality products from this company are:-

Sine Wave Saphire 650VA, Sine wave Saphire 1100VA, Quasi Square Wave Signature 500VA, Quasi Square Wave Signature 875VA, High Capacity Sine Wave UPS Hulk Series 2.5KVA, High Capacity Sine Wave UPS Hulk Series 5KVA, Quasi Square Wave Kissan 250VA, Quasi Square Wave Kissan 400VA etc. All these products are available at reasonable rate.

9. Uniline

Uniline occupies 9th position in this top 10 inverter brands list in India. Uniline Energy Systems Pvt Ltd is purely an India based company that produces complete power backup solutions like inverters, solar energy products, UPS, servo stabilizers, etc. All products are highly reliable and developed with high features. Some of the best quality products from this company are:-

D Series High Power IGBT UPS, GIGALINE High Power UPS System, MAXILINE IGBT Online UPS SYSTEM, GREENLINE GLX 1 – 3 KVA Single Phase with Isolation, LEOPOWER SINEWAVE INVERTER etc. They are highly efficient, overload protection capacity, spike free system, automatic Boost, etc.

8. Consul

In case of power back-up solutions, Consul is a reliable name in Indian market. Some of the power back-up products from this company are transformers, inverters, voltage stabilizers, online UPS, and solar power products. Some of the best quality products from this company are:-

Pelican 3000 Bi-Directional Inverter, Pelican 3000M Bi-Directional Inverter, ML 11T, Falcon 3000, Falcon 8000 etc.

7. Delta

Delta Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd also produces high quality inverters for general Indians. Company’s main products are EV Charging Stations, Inverters, Datacenter, UPS etc.

6. Swelect Energy Systems Limited

Swelect Energy Systems Limited occupies 6th rank in this list. This power product manufacturing company manufactures inverters, solar inverters, UPS, solar charge controller, etc.

5. Su-kam

Su-Kam is another popular inverter brand in Indian market. Su-Kam produces reliable inverters for household purposes as well as commercial uses. The company has more than 50 service centers in India. Some of the best quality products from this company are:-

Pico, Torque HUPS / Inverter, Cosmic HUPS / Inverter, Frendy i HUPS / Inverter, Micron HUPS / Inverter, Chic HUPS / Inverter etc.

4. Genus

Genus Power Infrastructure Limited produces a complete range of power back-up solution for Indians. Genus uses high-end technology for inverters, Static UPS, premier quality batteries, Home and Static UPS etc. Some of the best quality products from this company are:-

Sine wave single phase inverter, Sine wave three phase inverter, Proton home UPS, Proton Q, Home-UPS etc.

3. Birla Power Inverter

Birla Power Solutions Ltd inverters or BPSL inverters designed with high tech. digital circuit that offers 500VA, 700VA & 1500VA capacity inverters for faster response and protection. Key Features include 1.Digital Circuit,  2.MOSFET-PWM technology, 3.Smart & User Friendly & Easy to Operate,  4.Instant Switch over, 5.Auto Scan and Auto Reset, 6.Quick Charge & Safety of Battery etc. Some of the best quality products from this company are:-

EPG 600, EPG 1500 Easy, EPG 800 Sinewave, EPG 800 Easy etc.

2. Microtek

Microtek is one of the oldest brands in Indian power back-up market. Microtek produces high quality durable inverters in 3 different ranges- 1.SOHO digital inverters, 2.Hi-end sine wave inverters and 3.SOHO Sine Wave Inverters. Some of the best quality products from this company are:-

SOHO Digital Inverters-2.5KVA/36V, SOHO Sinewave Inverters-2.2KVA/36V, SOHO Hi-End Inverters-5.5KVA/96V etc.

1. Luminous

best ups inverter

Luminous produces high quality UPS/inverter with features like- faster battery charging facility; enhance battery life, advanced battery management, negligible battery-water loss, battery deep-discharge reset option etc. Some of the best quality products from this company are:-

Luminous 1400VA, Higher KVA Home UPS, Eco Volt 900VA, Luminous 600VA, Eco Volt 1500VA etc.

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