Top 10 Best Inverter Batteries in India With Price

Inverters are more or less essential in modern day life. Because we need electricity every day all day. So, this will help to store the electricity and give it to us when there is no electric power is available and it will be very efficient in some days where we need most. The inverter needs batteries to store the electricity that will draw from when the actual power is available or else it can be used to store the solar energy electric supply. Batteries are the important part of an inverter and they are many companies that produce good quality of batteries for their customers. The main things we look at a battery when we buy are their size, capacity and their quality and storage power.

How to Choose the Right Inverter Battery

Choosing the inverter battery is not as tough as it sounds. There are some factors that you need to check in order to ensure that you purchase the right battery for your inverter. Here are more details regarding the same.

Type of Battery – Choose the type of battery that you plan to purchase for your inverter. Most of the times, tubular batteries are recommended over flat plate batteries as they are much reliable and they also offer higher capacity in a very compact size. You need to know that the tubular batteries also charge faster but they are a little expensive when compared to flat plate batteries.

Specification of Batteries – Check for the specification of batteries. One of the most important factor to be checked here is Ah. This is known as Ampere Hour and it defines the capacity of the battery. In addition to this, you need to match the Ah with the capacity of the inverter as well. If you have an inverter with a higher capacity then you also have an option to connect 2 or more batteries depending on the need.

Maintenance – Opt for a 0 maintenance battery or the low maintenance batteries. They do not need frequent fills from you as they are sealed properly. This means that the risk of plates drying out reduces and it also enhances the life of the battery. Also, check the manufacturing date of the battery and purchase the one with the latest manufacturing date.

Warranty – You need to check the warranty offered by the brand on the battery as well. 3 years is a norm and you will find several products in this warranty range if you are purchasing it from a good brand. You can also find the batteries which come with a warranty of 4 years, 4.5 years and 5 years. Again, the best choice would be to opt for the batteries with the longest warranty but it might be a little expensive.

Brand, Price and Reviews – Check for the brand of the battery and always buy the battery from the well-known reputed brands. Also, check out the reviews. You can find the reviews on several places and that will give you an idea about the performance of the battery. The last thing to check is the price. The batteries for the inverters can be really expensive so ensure that it falls into your budget.

These are some of the best-selling and more trusted batteries available in the market and they are also available in online shopping portals too and they are

10. Exide Inva Master

exide inva master

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Exide is one of the leading manufacturers of batteries for bike, car, and trucks and they also produce some high-quality batteries for the inverter. This battery from Exide has the ability to store 150ah power and also it can be available in two colors and they are white and red. This has also come in compatible size and also the weight of 6614 grams.

9. Luminous Iverlast Tubular battery

Luminous Inverlast Tubular battery

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Luminous also another brand which most of the Indians have trust on it. It is one of the brands that comes with plastic and lead acid materials. The product is very high-quality also having 42-month manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty tells about the quality of the product. It is also available in Gray and White colors. 

8. Exide New Insta Brite

Exide New Insta Brite inverter battery

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This is another Exide battery and it is available with 36-month manufacturer’s warranty and also it is very easy to handle and also easy maintenance because of having float guide that will help to indicate the electrolyte level available in the battery. It also has molded handles that will help to move the battery very easily. There are some resistor available in the battery to restrict fumes and acid while operation called Spark arrest or. This inverter is available and makes it as one of the cheapest battery available in the market with the same storing capacity than others.

7. Exide Inverter Plus

Exide Inverter Plus

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Exide is the leader in the production of batteries in India by producing the best quality and different types of the battery according to the different needs of the customer. This one is very low maintenance and made up of hybrid alloy materials and also have high reliability. It also has magic eye it will help to enable instant state of charge without opening the plug. 

6. Luminous ILTT 18048

Luminous ILTT 18048

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In India, there are only two companies have the direct competition over the production of high-quality batteries for their customers.  One is Exide and another one is Luminous. This battery from Luminous is one of the best batteries available in the market, having an internal partition connection to prevent internal discharge and it accepts excellent charge acceptance. 

5. Exide 150ah battery

Exide 150ah battery

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This battery can be used in any type of UPS like luminous 1100va and having the strong storage capacity, which was maintained by the thick plate construction. It is made up of special alloy material to help to reduce water loss and dual-plate separation that reduces premature failure. 

4. Luminous Inverlast Battery 150av/12v

Luminous Inverlast Battery 150av/12v

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This one of the best battery in inverlast series from Luminous. This is the made up of plastic material to withstand high temperature drawn to the battery and lead acid is also used to reduce the power leak. It also comes with the 18-month warranty from Luminous and it is one of the top four best-selling battery in India.

3. Microtek TT 2450

Microtek TT 2450

Microtek is also one of the leading manufacturers of Inverter and their batteries. This battery is just a type of battery which has Hadi tubular technology. It also has the storage power of 150ah. It is one of the batteries that give longer backup option and also good performance. It uses quick recharge formulation techniques and the water level indicator is ceramic. 

2. Amaron Inverter

Amaron Inverter

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Amaron is the only other company than Exide and Luminous to produce one of the highest-quality batteries for inverters. They also have high heat tolerance, which is best suited for Indian weather conditions. It also has high reserve capacity and it was come as factory charged. Charging of this battery happens fast and easy. Maintenance of this battery is not often needed and also lead reserve in this battery is very low. 

1. Exide 150Ah New Insta Brite

Exide 150Ah New Insta Brite

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It is no wonder that Exide takes the first place in best-selling battery in India. This company has the trust and reputation of making good quality batteries. It has the storage capacity of about 150ah and it is more suitable for any type of 12V inverter. 

These 10 batteries are the best-selling and top most trusted batteries in India which was used by people all over the country.