How to Plan a Party When You Are a Busy Parent

It’s challenging to be a parent in the 21st century, and it’s next to impossible to maintain the necessary work-life balance. Your child’s birthday is almost there, but work is not sparing you with any time and has exhausted you completely. How will you plan the amazing party your child deserves on their special day? In a precarious situation like this, one needs to find some life hacks, and we will provide you with the same. Go through this article to figure tips to become a super parent.

The Internet is your salvation

Your office hours are hectic; you can’t escape the necessary household chores; basically, your schedule is super packed. You can’t afford to spend time rushing from one store to another. You can choose to take a shortcut here, i.e. the Internet. Name a thing, and the Internet won’t disappoint you at all. You can plan every bit of the birthday party with the use of it. You can get the idea and the inspiration for a themed birthday party, order the decorations from any e-commerce site, order the food online and the cake as well.

Usually, you go to the bakery, pick up the design and taste and place an order. Later, you go back to the bakery and get the cake. Cumbersome. Isn’t it? Thankfully, we have a solution for it now. Services like India Cakes make a life of a busy parent much more easy. To get the cake is one of the major tasks when you organise a birthday party. You can order the cake you want online, and it will be delivered to you at your place, according to your time. And you can read all the rewiews about the tastes and designs online and make up your own decision for the perfect cake for your kid’s birthday.

Make Optimum use of Technology

You have got too much to remember and relying on your memory for the birthday planning is a very bad idea. Instead, you can use some mobile apps to keep your plan on point. You can make a checklist of things-to-do in apps like Keep Notes. So that you keep track of everything and you miss out on nothing. In your free time, you can create a guest list in your phone and invite people as soon as you reach home. Or you can send online invitations as well.

Make a playlist of party songs on music apps like Gaana or Spotify. Don’t wait to get home and do these chores, do them as soon as you manage to steal some time at work.

Plan the Party Outside

It’s easier to organise a party outside than inside. You need to decorate the house according to the interiors. It’s time-consuming to assemble things before the party, and it’s even more time consuming to clear the clutter after the party. You will have to pick every wrapper from below the sofa, clear up the confetti from the carpet and get rid of every used disposable plate put in different corners of the house. It will take you hours to bring the house in its normal position. But who has the time for this?

To avoid this extra load of work, organise the party outside. It could be your private garden or the park in your society. Secure some space, add some balloons, a table, and some chairs. It reduces a lot of time cleaning the mess.

A shortcut for Food Fiesta

The eating part could be a little tricky. There are so many kids running around, and therefore, the eating part becomes very chaotic. The food is either ordered from outside or prepared at home. In both cases, serving the food to each person becomes very problematic and messy. Instead of serving food to each guest, it’s better to create small portions for every person in the beginning. The individual servings can help to prevent the labour invested in sweeping the floors. Kids can have those small packets, eat and throw the waste in the bin.

Also, no matter the strength of the people attending the party, don’t use your utensils. Use throwaway cups and plates. This way you won’t have to spend hours washing the utensils. You may also consider using disposable tablecloths.

Show your Enthusiasm

Kids have sensitive minds; they seek care and affection. planning a birthday doesn’t’ have to look like a social obligation. Show your child the enthusiasm that you have for the birthday party. Make them feel loved. At every step of the planning, count them in. Ask them what do they need.

Make them participate equally in making all the arrangements. Blow some balloons together, engage them with you. This could be the perfect opportunity to fill the void that your work has created in this relationship. This party won’t be just about a few guests coming to your place and having a good time. It will be a great chance to strengthen the bond with your child. You will get to spend some quality time together, which is more important than anything.


To be a parent is not easy, especially when you work a lot. Kids need time and attention, but even if your schedule is too stuffed you can always find some time to show your kid that he/she is important to you and you really care, thankfully modern world offers a lot of helpful tools and opportunities. Hopefully, the tips listed above will help you throw a fantastic birthday party that will put a big smile at your child’s face.

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