Top 10 Best Indoor Games and Sports for fun

Sports and games is the integral part for the humans to remain fit and healthy both mentally and physically. Most of the games are played outdoor but when they are affected by weather then indoor games and sports were introduced. They are the one which can’t get affected by weather so there is no need to delay the tournament of indoor games like outdoor games and that is the plus point of the indoor games.

Let’s have a look on some of the indoor games and sports which is played for fun.

10. Snooker

This game is invented by the British’s and known the game of elites and mostly played by them also. But now this game is famous all over the world and there are champions from many countries in this game. Great skills and coordination is required for this game. The game is played on billiards table with 15 red balls, other balls are of 6 colors and one white cue ball. Apex Legends Hacks

9. Table tennis

Table Tennis

This game is the most famous indoor game in the world. This game is played on the table and a net is between the players to separate them. Light rackets and a light weight ball is required for this game. For this one also concentration is very important to win the game.

8. Bowling

This game is popular in western countries. This game is played with the big ball which is rolled down in 10 lanes. This is not an easy game it just sounds easy. This game is played by more than 95 million people around the world and in more than 90 countries. It is best for strengthen the muscles and burning the fats.

7. Carrom

This is the East Asian game and played by them when all of the family members are gathered like cousins and friends they must play this game and enjoyed a lot. This is the game which is played on the board which is marked and having with net pockets. Four players can sit on four sides of the board.

6. Chess

Chess is the game over board. This game required great mind and focus to win. This game required no age limit old, young and children’s all can enjoy this game. Two players can play this game with board having 64 squires and 16 pieces 8 pieces for one player.

5. Squash

This game is played in closed court with 2 or 4 players. Racket and ball is needed in this game, players hit the ball on the wall and when it rebound then it is hit by the other player. This indoor game also needed great focus and physical fitness.

4.  Basketball


This game is the biggest in US among indoor sports. This is the team game and two teams are required and each team has five players. Two nets are hanged one on each side and by any means the players have to put the ball in the net. In this game team with more baskets wins the game.

3. Volleyball

This is another indoor game which requires two teams and six players in each team. The rectangular net is between both the teams and ball has to throw to the other side of the net. This game requires lot of physical strength and high jumping.

2. Badminton

This game is mostly played between two players a net is separating them. Racket and a shuttlecock is required by this game and this shuttlecock is hit by these rackets. The game is played in the big closed rooms. This game is famous all over the world.

1. Swimming


This is also the indoor game and real enjoyable. Many people have swimming pools inside their home. But it requires safety measures and expertise for it, because you can enjoy swimming not drowning.

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