Top 10 Best & Highest Mileage Bikes in India

5. Bajaj Discover 100

Bajaj Discover 100

Among the Discover lineup, Bajaj Discover 100 is the least expensive motorbike. Engine displacement on this motorcycle is 94 cc with 84 km/l mileage. Engine power output is 8 bhp maximum. Bajaj Discover 100 has a kerb weight of 115 kgs. Price – Rs. 42,859.

4. Hero Splendor Pro Classic

Hero Splendor Pro Classic

Much like a café racer, the Hero Splendor Pro Classic is a very popular. The engine capacity on this motorcycle is 97 cc at 8 bhp maximum power. Combined with this engine and a total kerb weight of 109 kgs, the mileage is 55 km/l. Price – Rs. 50,833.

3. Hero Splendor Pro

Hero Splendor Pro

Hero Splendor Pro is the descendent to legendary CD100 motorcycle, which is an icon for the Indian motorbike scenario. Hero Splendor Pro has a 97.20 cc engine offering 8.20 bhp at 8,000 rpm. It’s a 4 speed manual transmission engine with a fuel efficiency of 90 km/l. Price – Rs. 46,537.

2. BajarPlatina


Engine displacement on the Bajaj Platina is 99 cc. It offers 8.20 bhp at 7,500 rpm which is a lot for an engine like this. 4 speed manual transmission makes city maneuver easy. Platina has a bigger fuel tank of 13 liters; and the fuel consumption rate is 90 km/l. Price – Rs. 39,751.

1. Hero Splendor iSmart

Hero Splendor iSmart

Smart and efficient management of fuel makes the bike very economic and pleasant to ride. It has a 97 cc engine that offers massive 92 km/l mileage. Indeed, one of the highest offering in the country. There’s no front disc brake. The power rating is 8 Nm torque at 4,500 rpm. Price – Rs. 49,698.


Apart from being less fuel consuming, these motorbikes usually require lesser maintenance than many other models.

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