Top 10 Best Herbal Cough Syrups in India – Ayurvedic Cough Syrups

A cough and cold is one of the most general ailments that a person may encounter numerous times in the whole year. But the person finds one and only way to get cured of this illness is to see a doctor. However, it is better to go for an herbal treatment for a cough and cold as it does not possess any kind of adverse effects which you may acquire from the strong allopathic medications.

India is a nation that has intensely embedded belief in the Ayurvedic medicines and that is why you can easily get a large number of herbal cough syrups here.

The below is the list of ten best herbal cough syrups that are available in India:

10. Divya Pharmacy Swasari Pravahi

Divya Pharmacy Swasari Pravahi

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This herbal cough syrup is a foremost brand of the Ayurvedic medicines in India. It has been quite familiar in the whole world for its dynamic and natural advantages. This syrup is a creation of the trustworthy Patanjali Pharmacy which uses natural plants and herbs for treating the varied health problems. This cough syrup also helps in building the immune system of the people in order to counter their health issues.

9. Scortis Healthcare’s Q-FEX

Scortis Healthcare’s Q-FEX

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This is one another prevalent and highest trading herbal cough syrup that can fight with both, i.e. productive and the dry cough.It also provides tremendous and quick curative effect. This herbal syrup leads to a mucolytic and linctus action that makes it a comprehensive treatment for chronic diseases.

8. CharakKofol

Charak Kofol

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The next herbal cough syrup in the list is CharakKofol which is a great combination of effective natural herbs.It possesses a harmless formulation that is valuable for curing a range of conditions, like allergy, dry cough, and asthma. It also aids in exclusion of mucus as well as decreases the irritation in the esophagus.

7. Himani Sardi Ja

Himani Sardi Ja

This medicine is one of the top herbal cough syrups that are sold in the Indian marketplace. It is an exceptional formulation which comprises of chyawanprash in conjunction with anti-cough herbs. When you consume this syrup, you will not feel any drowsiness. It also helps in increasing the immunity of the person towards a cough and cold.

6. ZanduZefs Cough Syrup

ZanduZefs Cough Syrup

The ZanduZefs Cough Syrup is from the top brand named as Zandu. This syrup results in expectorant action which is quite beneficial for treating the simple cough and cold as well as chronic diseases like asthma, laryngitis, etc.

5. Hamdard Joshina

Hamdard Joshina

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Hamdard Joshina is an outstanding mixture of 7 dynamic natural herbs that have magical curative properties. This cough syrup is very easily available at numerous drugstores in India.

4. Baidyanath Bhringrajasava

Baidyanath Bhringrajasava

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Baidyanath is one of the most trusted and the oldest ayurvedic brands in India. It provides a fast action of the syrup on the cough of the patient. It includes the expectorant named as Bhringrajasava that is created from the herbal constituents like cloves, bhringaraj, dhataaki, jiggery, etc. It is not only suitable for handling cough and cold but also appropriate for treating a severe problem like bronchitis.

3. Himalaya Koflet

Himalaya Koflet

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Himalaya Koflet is a well-renowned cough syrup from the trustworthy herbal brand named Himalaya. It consists of expectorant and mucolytic that helps in making it an outstanding medicine due to the fast action. This syrup also relieves the person from the contractions and throat irritation related to a cough and cold.

2. Himani Fast Relief Herbal Cough And Cold Triple Action Syrup

Himani Fast Relief Herbal Cough And Cold Triple Action Syrup

This is other much-admired herbal cough syrups that create the immunity in a person so that he/she can face a common cold and cough. It comprises of basil (that is an anti-allergenic) as well as a Malabar nut (that dehydrates a cough).

This syrup also includes dry ginger, pepper, and amla that results in a great combination which ensures the rapid relief from a cough related issues.

1. Dabur Honitus

Dabur Honitus

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The top syrup in the list is Dabur Honitus which is the undoubted front runner among the top herbal cough syrup brands in India. Along with the honey, it also contains effective natural constituents like basil, banapsha, mulethi, etc. It offers fast and long-lasting relief from a cough and cold. There are no side effects of this syrup.

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