Top 10 Best Floor Tiles Companies in India

Tiles, which is a  manufactured piece of material, that is made out of materials such as ceramic or stone often used for covering and beautifying the floors and walls. They add beauty to the buildings. The tiled floor is easy to maintain and attractive too. Hard glazed tiles, which are made of porcelain and ceramic have been used for centuries and they have evolved over the years and are used, extensively, because they are easy to replace, stain resistant, easily cleaned, durable, strong and you have a lot of colors and designs, to choose from.

How to Choose Floor Tiles for Your Home in India?

 To give a better and artistic look to the room, you would always focus on the floors. The concept of flooring is changing every day. You must always look for flooring which is durable and beautiful at the same time. It is now possible to maintain a better look at the floors with the help of tiles. You will get ample such tiles that have an attractive look. Tiles are available in various forms. Some are ceramic, while others are glazed and have a matte look. You are free to select tiles of many sizes that will match your room measurement.

Best tips for choosing the suitable tiles for your Indian homes:

Here you will learn and come to know about the tips for choosing the suitable tiles for your room. Through this discussion, you can select the perfect one for your dream room. Let us proceed to the primary part of our topic.

  • Select the area to be tiled:

The first and foremost thing you need to follow is to select and take perfect measurements of the area to be tiled. Each room has some specific type of tiles. If it is for the kitchen, you need to buy hard tiles. This is because these areas will experience a high movement of the people. It should be durable and more robust. It would help if you also bought 10% more than the estimated amount of the tiles. The reason behind this is the tiles may get damaged while being placed on the floor.

  • Selection of correct color of tiles:

It would help if you also gave particular preference on the color of the tiles. It is okay if you select light color tiles for the room. This will help in brightening up the entire room. If it is for the bathroom, you must go with the light-colored tiles that have a good grip. It must have a matte look and have anti-skid properties. This will prevent any severe accidents.

  • Selection of proper textures of tiles:

At the present time, you have comprehensive options of tiles. The terracotta tiles, matte tiles are the most common ones. If you are looking for the perfect tiles for your living room, you must go with the terracotta ones. They will add elegance and extra beauty to your room.  Similarly, for kitchen, you can try the ceramic tiles. They are available in various shades and colors.

  • Easy installation system:

You must always prefer to buy tiles that require less time to install. It must also require an easy maintenance process. This will allow you to use it for an extended period.

  • Price-checking:

Checking the price of the tiles is essential before buying the same. It may happen that various shops will demand unnecessary charges for the tiles. This is why you must cross-check the tiles price from multiple shops and stores.

  • Warranty period:

Each company will have a specific period of warranty for the tiles. You need to check it before buying the tiles. Never buy tiles that do not have a minimum warranty period. It will be a total loss.

Top 10 best Floor tiles Companies in India have been listed

10. Murudeshwar Ceramics Limited

Murudeshwar Ceramics

This company with its headquarters at Bengaluru is one of the producers of quality wall and floor tiles and Pave tiles, in the South India. It was established in 1983 by R.N. Shetty. They offer a wide range of Vitrified and ceramic tiles.


OASIS floor tiles

OASIS is one of the fastest growing companies, which has achieved a lot within a short span of 10 years and has moved into the top 10 list.The OASIS has 6 manufacturing plants with cutting edge technology adopted from Italy and Spain.The products on offer include Digital gazed polished vitrified tiles, Full body vitrified tiles, wall tiles and floor tiles in various sizes. Dedicated team of professionals at OASIS ensure that R&D is a continuous process in the organization and that quality and modern floor tiles reach the customers.

8. Orient Bell Limited

Orient Bell Limited

Established in New Delhi in the year 1977, this company has gained expertise in the production of floor and wall tiles. Their signature showrooms in some main cities showcase their best products in terms of design and quality. They are involved in manufacturing and marketing ceramic tiles for corporate offices and households all these years. Their manufacturing units are ISO 140001:2004 certified and also an environment friendly company aiming to keep their customers on the look- out for another stunning creation from them.

7. Bajaj Tiles Limited

Bajaj Tiles Limited

This is a part of the Bajaj group of Industries established in 1990. They are one of the leaders in this industry too. Their manufacturing capacity is around 75000 of tiles per day.They manufacture vitrified tiles and the head office is situated in Gujarat. The rich and luxurious looking tiles reach the consumers, through their dealernetwork.

6. Nitco Limited

Nitco Limited

This company, which is known for producing premium tiles for floors and walls is situated in Mumbai and was established as early as 1953. They supply quality floor tiles to their customers through the 1100 dealer network they have across the country. The tiles are rich in look.

5. CeraSanitaryware Limited

Cera Sanitaryware

Cera aims to offer products that complement the Sanitaryware products and therefore brings to you a wide range of floor tiles which include Twin charged floor tile, Digital glazed vitrified floor tiles, double charged vitrified floor tiles, digital porcelain Anti-skid, HD digital, Vitrified floor tiles with nano technology and patio tiles.

 4. Asian Granito India Limited

Asian Granito India Limited

AGL is a relatively new company established in the year 2000, with its headquarters in Ahmedabad. They specialize in porcelain Digital tiles, vitrified tiles, ceramic floor and wall tiles, parking tiles, paving tiles, drawing room tiles and digital ceramic tiles of superior quality, which has helped them to grow within this short period of time.The professional team of AGL is on the lookout for consumer insight and they produce products to match the need of customers.

3. Euro Ceramics

Euro Ceramics

The automated large factory owned by Euro ceramics in Bhachau in Kutch, Gujarat dish out vitrified and porcelain tiles, composite marble floor tiles, Sanitaryware and wall tiles. They have undisputed expertise in manufacturing these products, which are used for a wide range of applications such as wall tiles and floor tiles for corporate office buildings, apartments, malls and houses. They manufacture tiles with natural texture and transition.

2. Somany Ceramics Limited

Somany Ceramics Limited

It was established in the year 1969 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh,India. This company has wide range and design of products to offer in the categories like ceramic wall and floor tiles, polished vitrified tiles, Glazed vitrified tiles and Digital tiles. The Somany’s for generations have evolved and stayed ahead of time in providing quality products to beautify your home. They have manufacturing plants in Gujarat and Haryana and have also entered into joint ventures to generate a production capacity of 41 million sq.mand has established itself, as a formidable force in the tiles sector.

1. Kajaria Ceramics

Kajaria Ceramics

It is the leading manufacturer of wall and floor tiles and was started about 27 years ago. Presently, it is the most certified Ceramic tile company in the world. It has bagged the Super brand, award 9 times in a row and has joined the elite list of just 60 other corporates, which have done so. This shows their commitment to quality and their ability to satisfy consumers through their designs and products. Their manufacturing units are intensely automated and robotised, that there is no room for human error.  You have more than 2000 options to choose, from their ceramic wall and floor tiles, vitrified tiles and designer tile collections.

The tiles comes in different colors and designs and are made using different technology, the tiles that are used indoors are glazed while those that are used outside are unglazed. Your choice should be made on the basis of your budget and the track record of the company.

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