Top 10 Best Eyebrow Brushes In India

“First impression is the last impression” the well-established quote works well with your face as anyone meets you or greets you for the first time will surely judge you the way you wear the confidence. Eyes the most iconic part of the body needs attention and its own beauty kit; it requires art and patience to offer a more lavish look to your eyebrows. If you are ready with art and patience hand in hand, here is the list of Top 10 Eyebrow Brushes available in India.

10. Eyebrow Brush by Bobbi Brown 

Eyebrow Brush by Bobbi Brown

The leading name worldwide and not a new name for beauty experts Bobbi Brown is a well-known name for all your cosmetics need, the beauty product company offers products ranging in skincare and makeup tips with options of online buy.

Bobbi Brown Brush offers angled eyebrow brushes for a perfect shaping of eyebrows, the smooth bristles offered to tone your eyebrows are skin friendly with no threat of any reaction to skin or eyes.

Price: INR 1653.21 per Piece

9. 208 Angled Brow Brush by MAC 

208 Angled Brow Brush by MAC

MAC a well-known manufacturer of beauty products across the world and also a top priority name when it comes to India’s Beauty Products League launched the revolutionary angled brow brush that also offers you to contouring eyebrows with different shades of colors options. Rated as the high-quality products it offers smooth bristles for best results.

Price: INR 1224.60 per piece

8. Eyebrow Brush by Pink Leopard 

Eyebrow Brush by Pink Leopard

The option of contouring eyebrows like a beauty expert with option of exclusive set of five-piece makeup tool kit will let you handle the task of pampering brows with ease like never before, the options of tool kits available with option of dual head brush is an innovative option available that can be used for eyebrows as well as eyelashes. Fancy looking pink leopard painted brushes will surely add more stars to your beauty products collection.

Price: INR 300 per Tool Kit

7. Eyebrow Brush by Basicare 

Eyebrow Brush by Basicare

Basicare a leading name to care for your beauty enhancing needs comes up with long lasting eyebrow brush as an important member of its makeup kit. The makeup brush kit comprises of five brushes for all your beauty needs has a special mention for eyebrow brushes. The Eyebrow brush is light in weight that stops shaky hands and its sturdy quality marks it best for contouring eyebrows.

Price: INR 365 per Tool Kit

6. Angled Brow Brush by Bare Escentuals 

Angled Brow Brush by Bare Escentuals

As the name signifies the Brow Brushes offered by Bare Escentuals are designed with angled neck, these twisted bent brushes at the bristles end mark a great advantage for the users as it provides seamless and smooth eyebrow color application to its users. This fabulous innovative Brow Brush is a grooming option for the set of ladies with the great love for brow makeup.

Price: INR 2143 per piece

5. Brow Brush By BareMinerals 

Brow Brush By BareMinerals

The well known and leading beauty product fame Bare Minerals series of brow brush is represented as refining eyebrow brushes products that work in combination to decorate your brushes and also help as an applicator. The brow brushes help the ladies to shape their eyebrows best as well as let them design it with fascinating color options.

Price: INR 776 per piece

4. Eye Brow Brushes by Bare Essentials 

Eye Brow Brushes by Bare Essentials

Offering a long-lasting as well as affordable brow brushing option with a well-established brand name is all you need to grab as beauty worship per, the brush comes with dual usage option of brow brushes as brush and comb. The Brush will surely help to refine looks with perfect arcs. The Brow Brush is part of five makeup brushes available as a collection.

Price: INR 390 per toolkit

3. Dual Eyebrow Brush by Bonjour 

Dual Eyebrow Brush by Bonjour

Another great deal for the eyes makeup lovers, affordable price range, and the long lasting brush is all you need to include it as your makeup kit part, the Brush by Bonjour comes with a dual face. The even bristles end will help in contouring brows and the opposite end will offer fine combing to separate lashes.

Price: INR 60 per piece

2. Double Ended Eyebrow Brush by Revlon 

Double Ended Eyebrow Brush by Revlon

For an artistically beautiful eyebrow lashes double ended Eyebrow Brushes offered by Revlon is the best choice as it stands as the best available option for grooming eyebrows and eyelashes. It’s mesmerizing look will surely add the most lavish look to your beauty kit.

Price: INR 1102 per piece

1. Professional Eyebrow Brush By Oriflame

Professional Eyebrow Brush By Oriflame

The superb Eyebrow brush by Oriflame tops the list of best available option Brow Brushes available in India, the thin bristles will surely help you to enhance your eyes beauty for a long period of time. Made up of nylon, wood, aluminum and ABS provides it strength and long lasting life. The dual face also helps you to comb eyebrow hairs and stands as an amazing option for women with a motive to stay groomed 24*7.


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