Top 10 Best External DVD Writer in India With Price

The series of advancement in Technology let you enjoy the benefit of it at it’s based, External DVD Writer is another computer-based appliance that helps you to do multitasking as write something important as galleries, movies and games in the DVD also let you rewrite the content on the DVD for further new usage. The External DVD Writer also helps the user to transfer Data from one computer of Laptop to other Computer.

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External DVD Writer as the Upgraded version now also favors some of the further extended usages as watching TV shows, watch movies and to form a gallery of favorite songs in order to listen to them as the mood strikes. Some of the DVD writers are also available to be used with Tablets and other electronic capable gadgets. If you are planning to buy the stunning electronic-based product with fabulous features, here is the list of top available External DVD Writer option available in India with considerable price across different places.

How to buy the best External DVD Writer in India?

To play games and watch movies on today’s devices, you’ll need an external DVD writer. These DVD drivers are more basic compared to monitors, peripherals, laptops and other hardware available. Here is a complete buying guide that will help you know what aspects to keep in mind while buying a DVD writer.

  • Compatibility

Some external DVD drivers are not compatible with all systems. They require specific drivers to work. Therefore, they are designed for a particular operating system, which varies based on retail price and manufacturing cost. Nevertheless, there are many that work with multiple operating systems such as Fire OS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android. But, devices that are compatible with Android are a bit expensive compared to drivers made for macOS and Windows. However, you need to carefully check the compatible version of the operating system before choosing a DVD drive.

  • Connectivity

Before purchasing a particular external DVD drive, you should check the connectivity cables that come with the product. Also, you need to make sure that it is connected to your PC or any device without the need for any further converter. Most external DVD drives have a standard USB connection, which is ideal for both new and older devices. In the case of a Type C connection on the device, you will either need to purchase an external DVD driver that also supports Type C connectivity. Otherwise, you have to rely on Type A to USB Type C cable which is neither durable nor store your data for long.

  • Appearance and Size

Keeping the correct size and appearance of the DVD driver will ensure better portability and ease of use. If you’re going to buy a DVD driver with your projector or laptop, it should be lightweight and compact. A lightweight driver can be easily carried along with the laptop in the same bag. But for home use, you’ll mostly place the device stationary after connecting it to a TV, Computer or Laptop. It is meant to say that if you are taking it for domestic, then any size will be perfect but if there is remote work then it is necessary to be lightweight.

  • Build Quality

Small DVD drivers are too fragile and delicate so you’ll need a disc that is made of either metal or plastic. Also, it has a good build quality.

The rank of the products is generally available with different measures as features offers, price range and reviews offered by the customers.

10. Hp External USB DVD Drive 

Hp External USB DVD Drive

Hp stands as the leading name in the field of computer-based accessories, the External USB DVD Drive is one of the best selling product offered by the company, the best thing about the DVD Drive is that it doesn’t need any power adapter to be attached while working, the Drive works best with 2.0 and 3.0 USB. Hp External Drive is M-Disc compatible. The product works best for recording movies and plays your best beats.

Price Range:  1,455

9. Liteon External DVD/CD Writer 

Liteon External DVD/CD writer

Liteon External DVD CD Writer boasts that it is the slimmest model available in the market with pocket size that can easily make it be transported with no added storage place in the bag or special pocket of the bag. The Writer has the ability to linked with the Television and also offers hassle free working capability with Windows 10. The Best thing about the model is its affordable price range and multipurpose usage with all modern settings and facilities offered.

Price Range: 1,474

8. HP Ultra Slim External DVD CD Writer 

HP Ultra Slim External DVD CD Writer

The HP offers best shaped Ultra Slim External DVD CD Writer that offers multi-format facility as there is no limitation for the file to be stored, any file can be added or deleted or replaced with no limitations. The External DVD CD Writer is based on latest technology with the capability to record huge files at ultrasonic speed. The speed qualification of the product carries 8x speed for DVDs and 24X speed for CDs.

Price Range: 1,549

7. Transcend Ultra Thin Portable DVD Writer 

Transcend Ultra Thin Portable DVD Writer

Transcend is the global company with a trustable name in the computer based storage and external memory devices, the Ultra Thin Portable DVD writer offers working compatibility with all leading desktops and laptops. The body dimension of the DVD Writer is 13.9mm slim with the ability to burn disks in various formats as DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM and DVD-R DL.

Price Range: 1,599

6. LG GP65 Portable DVD Writer 

LG GP65 Portable DVD Writer

The weight of the LG launched Portable DVD Writer is just 200 grams and the quality allows the user to carry it anywhere, the device features high-speed transfer of file with fast DVD and CD writer. The device can be connected to TV with USB and offers compatibility with USB 3.0.

Price Range: 1,585

5. Lenovo External DVD Writer 

Lenovo External DVD Writer

The Lenovo DVD Writer offers a warranty of 1 year and high-speed connectivity and transfer of the file, the product offers connectivity to USB based Television with extremely slim and portable body with vibrant color and designs. The DVD Writer is AV compatible and weighs just 200 grams.

Price Range: 1,792

4. ASUS External Slim DVD Writer 

ASUS External Slim DVD Writer

Asus brand has a great standing in India’s market and the smartphones of the brand are highly rated in quality and features with the promise of great working ability. The External Slim DVD Writer is one of the few model in the range of External Slim DVD Writer with compatibility with Windows 10 and Mac book. It features the facility of disc encryption and the feature of hidden file functionary. The design of the Writer is stunning with an amazing diamond cut.

Price Range: 1,760

3. Samsung SE-208 GB/ IDBS Portable DVD Writer 

Samsung SE-208GB/ IDBS Portable DVD Writer

Samsung stands as the leading name in the electrical appliances field and also offers best of features, the External DVD Writer follows the same trend with lightweight to carry around. The Writer offers high-speed transfer of the data from one attached device to other, the Writer offers compatibility with all leading smart TV and also works best in combination with Mac and Windows.

Price Range:  1,799

2. Dell External USB Optical Drivex

Dell External USB Optical Drive

Dell is another leading name in the electronic based appliances generally for computers, laptops, and Smartphones. The device serves as the best in the category of play and burns disc components. The device works with laptop and USB ports and doesn’t need any external battery to work, The device is slim and easy to carry.

Price Range: 1,830

1. Apple Super Driver USB MD564ZM/a 

Apple Super Driver USB MD564ZM/a

Apple Super Driver can be called as a pro level writer that offers functions as writing movies with additional features to create effects, and to add more backup plans. The size of the product is just as any common size CD and offers the user to carry it anywhere with an ease.

Price Range: 5,890



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