Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India

The most common problem for the Indian Kitchen is the smell and fume. These are the byproducts of the beautiful cooking in the kitchen. The smell and fume often disrupt the nearby rooms and the other parts of the house. However, using electric Chimney eradicates all of these problems. The Electric Chimneys are the most modern in style and also have some quality features. There is Air Condition and Cool air features added in the latest models. There are many brands that are very popular in the market.

List of Top Chimneys brands in India.

10. Faber Heat Craft

Faber Heatkraft

The Faber Heat craft is one of the oldest Companies in the chimneys. The Switzerland based brand is known for styling, high quality air succession, Stainless Steel finishing. There are various features of hoods available for the brand.

9. Glen


This is one of the best brands for Electric Chimneys. There are two different types of Chimneys available for the brand, Decorated Hood and another Simple Line. However, both are equally effective and known for high performance.

8. Kaff


This is one of the best Chimneys available in the market. This can remove strong smells, fumes and others from the kitchen. This chimney uses the Pressure Die Cast Aluminum Motor to remove strong particles like grease. The range of the Chimneys starts from around INR 9000.

7. IFB


This is another brand that is based on very powerful motor. It is very decorated and stylish. However, the performance of the brand is one of the best in the industry. There is 5 years of warranty associated with the brands. However, the price range is on the higher side, and it starts from around INR 16000.

6. Prestige


This is one of the best brands for chimneys. It has good power to remove the grease with the presence of Aluminum filter. The price range starts from around INR 8000.

5. Bajaj


Bajaj gives huge variety in terms of design and style. As per performance, it is one of the best with high air succession and quality motor in place. The products are also affordable and available from INR 8000.

4. Pigeon


This is one of the leading brands for the chimneys. It has good power to filter the smell and also give noise free atmosphere with right kind of equipment. The ranges start from around INR 8000.

3. Usha


Usha is known for variety and affordable chimneys with quality products. The high ranges of products have many filters in place to curb the smell and fumes of the kitchen. The range starts from around INR 6000.

2. Whirlpool


The 6th Sense Technology of Whirlpool has made sure that there are lots of benefits for the chimneys. The over headed hoods are generally silent and provide good performance on the ground of air succession and powerful motors. There is island hood as well.

1. Hindware


Hindware provide range of chimneys for the kitchen. The Electric Chimneys are of high quality, no noise, high filters and there is also auto cleaning technique present in the chimneys. The range starts from around INR 10000.

The electric chimneys are very good in quality and are durable and reliable as well.

Auto Chimney Vs. Manual Chimney

Features Auto Kitchen Chimney Manual Kitchen Chimney
Operation Automated Manual
Filter Cleaning Automatic Manual
Maintenance Easier Requires more effort
Price Higher Lower
Noise Level Lower Higher
Power Consumption Higher Lower
Suction Power Higher Lower
Control Options Touch Panel/Remote Buttons
Features Auto-clean, Timer, LED Smoke sensor, LED
Suitability Suitable for heavy use Suitable for light use

How to Select the Right Kitchen Chimney in India

1. Size of the Kitchen Chimney:- The first thing to consider is the size of the kitchen chimney. As per the experts, they are of the view that the kitchen chimney should be of the same size or a little greater than the size of the stove or the hob of your kitchen.

2. Type of Chimney:- There are various types of chimneys that are available in the market. There are features and characteristics of each distinct type of chimney. You have to select the one that is best for you. Different chimney types include built in chimneys, corner chimneys, island chimney, and wall mounted chimney. Each of these types have their own distinct features. You have to check which suits you the best.

3. Chimney Designs:- Another important factor that needs to be kept in mind while deciding upon a chimney is the design of the same. The main designs are the convectional chimneys and the contemporary ones. If you are someone who prefers style and are concerned about the status, you will prefer the contemporary one over the convectional chimney design

4. Suction Power of the Chimney:- Depending on the size of your house, you should select an appropriate chimney which has the proper suction power as per your needs. For example,if you have a house that has 3 to 4 rooms, an appropriate chimney would have the suction power of 500 to 600 m3 per hour.

5. Price:- The next most important consideration for purchasing a chimney is the price of the chimney. There are many brands of the kitchen chimney that you will get. Each will have its own features and price. You will have to select the one that is best for you at the price that you can afford.

Kitchen Chimney Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a kitchen chimney?

A kitchen chimney is a device installed above the stove or cooktop to remove smoke, steam, and other particles produced during cooking.

Q2. How does a kitchen chimney work?

A kitchen chimney works by sucking in the smoke, steam, and other particles produced during cooking and filtering them through a series of filters before releasing the clean air back into the kitchen.

Q3. What are the types of kitchen chimneys?

There are three types of kitchen chimneys: wall-mounted, island, and built-in.

Q4. What is the ideal height for a kitchen chimney?

The ideal height for a kitchen chimney is between 26-30 inches above the cooktop.

Q5. How often should I clean my kitchen chimney?

It is recommended to clean your kitchen chimney at least once every three months to ensure proper functioning.

Q6. Can I install a kitchen chimney myself?

It is not recommended to install a kitchen chimney yourself as it requires electrical and mechanical expertise. It is recommended to hire a professional to install it.

Q7. How much power does a kitchen chimney consume?

The power consumption of a kitchen chimney depends on the type and size of the chimney. Generally, a kitchen chimney consumes between 100-250 watts.

Q8. What are the maintenance tips for a kitchen chimney?

Regular cleaning and changing of filters are necessary for maintaining a kitchen chimney. It is also recommended to have it serviced once a year by a professional.

Q9. What are the benefits of using a kitchen chimney?

A kitchen chimney helps to keep the kitchen clean and odor-free by removing smoke, steam, and other particles produced during cooking. It also helps to reduce the risk of respiratory problems caused by exposure to cooking fumes.

Q10. Can a kitchen chimney be used in a kitchen with no exhaust duct?

Yes, some kitchen chimneys come with a recirculation mode that allows them to be used in kitchens without an exhaust duct. However, this type of chimney requires additional filters and maintenance.

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