Top 10 Best Doctors In Indian History

The treatment of diseases and the betterment of mankind health our (India) ancestors have played a significant role in medical science. As the days passed, the world started to understand the significance of technology, which led to set the pace of improvement in the field of medical science. This improvement has helped to understand the medicine, reason, cause, the nature of the human body, their tissue, cell and many more. Thus, this information has emerged as the way to create best doctor in the country.

Indian history has been formed by the number of well-liked people, but among them the 10 best doctors in Indian history are listed as follows: (from 1 to 10)

10. Dr. A.J.K. Gokhale

The name and work of Dr. A.J.K. Gokhale is one of the renowned and best physician and heart surgeons. He is the first successful heart surgeon who able perform the human-to-human heart transplant surgery and also lung transplant. He also led the implantation of the Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD), along with minimal access cardiac surgery. He has given his full year of experience and knowledge in the field of cardiac surgery, the reason for which he received the “Ugadi Puraskaram” (2015) by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and also with the duly contribution towards the work and society he honored by the Government of India with “Padma Sri” award (2016).

9. Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty

The one more name in the field of cardiac surgeon is Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, who named as “Henry Ford” of the heart surgery business for bringing change in the treatment of cardiac related issues in India. He is the founder the largest and cheapest heart institute name “Narayana Hrudayalaya”. It is the world biggest cardiac and cancer specialist hospital. Dr. Shetty is well educated and have been graduated from the Guys Hospital, UK. Apart, from this Dr. Shetty has received many awards due to his contribution in both medical science and public welfare. He also started the cheapest health insurance scheme “Yashvani” which is supported by the Karnataka Government.

8. Acacio Gabriel Viegas

Acacio Gabriel Viegas was the name that still be named when someone talk about the deadly plague that hit the Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) in far back ago. Acacio was a medical practitioner and the main contribution of his was identifying the cause of the deadly Bubonic plague that rigorously affected many residents of Mumbai (Bombay) and also the way to get through it as soon as possible.

7. Dr. Balamurali Ambati

The name itself gives the description of personality and dignity of what kind of person he is. The name of Dr. Balamurali Ambati will reserve the first place when someone will talk about Ophthalmology. Dr. Ambati is having the great and wide concept regarding this field. He is presently working with the University Of Utah School Of Medicine and he is also playing a role in some Indo-American research project. Addition to his Doctorate in Ophthalmology; he also is the Director of Corneal Research.

6. Dr. Lalit Panchal

There are diseases which are associated with spinal cord. The spinal cord is the backbone of our body which need special treatments. Dr. Lalit Panchal is one and only best specialist of Spine Surgeon and Joint Replacement Surgeon. Apart from this Dr. Panchel also practicing as a consultant Orthopedic surgeon in India for 17 years. The schedules are so tight that the patient often finds appointments after a good period of time. He hasgreat years of experience with more than 2000 spine surgeries with a success rate of 90% to 95%.

5. Dr. Amod Roy

The India’s most popular cosmetic surgeon with great years of experience in some acute plastic surgery has made Dr. Amod Roy a successful surgeon of plastic surgery and Buttock Augmentation. Dr. Amod Roy has many clinics in Mumbai, along with a personalized website where patients can share their issue. His goal is to bestow personalized care to his entire patient.

4. Dr. Sanjay Borude

The recent research shows that the maximum person of daily, fast food eater often faces the problem of Obesity and Metabolic rate. They often visit some clinic for better diagnosis, but there is no one like Dr. Sanjay Borude. Dr. Borude is best Briatric Surgery consultant, along with great year of experience in the surgery of Obesity and Metabolic rate.

3. Dr. Ramneek Mahajan

There is another name in the field of joint replacement is Dr. Ramneek Mahajan. The elderly people often face with the problem of joints which need to be diagnosed by expertise. Here, Dr. Mahajan is a consultant and also the orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai. He currently is the head of the Nova Specialty Hospital in Orthopedic and Joint Replacement.

2. Dr. Dwarkanath Kotnis

The name is still taken whenever we look back the glorious past of China. Dr. Dwarkanath Kotnis was a physician who had devoted the entire life in treating the Chinese battlefront. The Chinese villagers named him the “Black Mother” due to his generosity, true devotion and selfless service towards the treatment of Chinese wounded soldiers in amidst of the second Sino-Japanese war. He, himself belong from the family of doctors and thus, this was the reason that had led him to be a physician. At that time, he was voted as one of the ten most influential foreigners and also awarded with Gold medal by China for his service. He also became the president of the Bethune International Peace Hospital. Dr. Kotnis died at the very young age of 32 years, but he had made India proud of his service in foreign native land.

1. Dr. Ashim Desai

Dr. Ashim Desai

Dr. Ashim Desai is the name of the best ENT surgeon in India. He is having a great year of experience with the endoscopic sinus surgery, which is rarely found in India. A client suffering any blockages of the sinuses one can duly levy on him and get the best counseling on  ENT.

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