Top 10 Best Heel Brands In India – Most Comfortable

There are different types of women accessories which are popular and those are taken by them gladly. When it comes to shows, they will be having a collection of different types of shows which they can wear at every function. They are very strict when it comes to select the right kind of shoes. Among having different types of shoes, heels is one of a very best sort of collection that usually every girl has.

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They are to wear on modern dresses and many brands are available under this category. Let us know about top 10 good and best heel brands:

Best Quality Heel Brands In India

10. Burberry


This is the brand which was found in 1800 and is considered as very oldest brand among accessories manufacturing. This is the reason that Burberry is hitting the market hard with its quality in the market. They offer products which are of very high quality and of pure materials like leather and others so that girls may get comfort while wearing them. It is also considered as an iconic brand for women.

9. Alexander Wang


You may consider this brand as the youngest brand as it came in the year 1990 and still ruling the market actively. This brand came with the concept of heeled boot and they are still in fashion. You can wear these boots and heeled shoes at any party or on any occasion. This American band is coming up with your fashion forwarded legs. This is a successful and stylish brand for heel shoes in the market.



Most of the people who love branded shoe must have heard this name in the market a lot this brand is too having its own retail shop available in many cities where they are selling their exclusive products. DKNY offers great style of heeled shoes for women. They are coming with the concept of simple and stylish boots too. The popularity of this brand is with its name only and women prefer to buy this because they are good with quality but low in style which creates a magnificent combination.

7. Valentino


If you are wearing short dress for any party or clubbing, do not forget to select the wide range of collection from Valentino brand. This is an auspicious brand as it is the oldest brands and coming up with historic fashion statement. The very well known collection that they have is of black ankle high heeled boots and others which you can club with short dresses. You will get attention probably when you will go to a party wearing this heeled shoe as it is having a distinct look.



Looking for very simple and high fashioned accessories? Try this brand and you will feel amazing. This brand is coming up with simple but elegant brand of shoes so that you can wear them at any function or party. Best you can wear them during wedding to grab much attention. Just choose the colour and combine them with spring weather with any dress and this will completely offer you a gracious look.

5. Badgley Mischka

Badgley Mischka

The American Brands are ruling over the shoe market as different companies are coming with different concepts for women. They are focusing on the latest fashion trends and taste of women in manufacturing quality accessories. This brand is coming up with descent feature and a very high popularity as actresses like Sharon Stone and Charlotte York wore the same shoes and they were Brand Ambassador for it as well. You will feel fun and style while wearing this pair of shoes and they are less expensive and coming with long durability.

4. Aperlai


You will love to wear this brand when you will come to know that this is the favourite brand of Red Carpet. Also, the founder and creator of this brand was Alessandra Lanvin. She was married to the descendent of the very well known Lanvin Fashion House. This brand is always an in-season brand as it offers different styles and colours. Along with a professional styling, you can match it with your any dress and can go anywhere. This brand is having fresh fashion arrived at all times. With a sleek black high heel, this brand is also considered as a classy brand as always.

3. Brian Atwood

Brian Atwood

If you are considering class with fashion along with great looks, then you will love this brand. The very important thing to know about the brand Brian Atwood is that they don’t believe in nude heels as they offer nude heels with black sophistication. Also, this brand is very perfect balanced heels and flashy style too. If you love being bold then these heels are for you and you will love to wear them again and again.

2. Kate Spade

Kate Spade

Another American brand that is ruling over the charts is Kate Spade. This brand came into the market with their handbags and now turning into the accessories, they started offering this product too. They are coming with the concept of extra high heel and black colour heel which will never go out of fashion. They are experimenting designs so that they can match the taste of every woman.

1. Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin

The Persian brand which is also popular as Red Carpet heels are here to make your looks go stunned. The best part about these heels is that they are designed with inspiration, love and offering unique design and style to its customers.

So here is the list of the best brands available in the country out of which you can select and buy the latest fashion heels easily.

How to choose the best Heels in India?

Heels complement the overall look as they are compatible with every outfit from Indian wear to western skirts or tops. Lots of females have a misconception that wearing high heels cause leg aches and an uncomfortable walking experience. If you choose the right pair of heels, you will always have a great experience while showing off your stylish heels. In general, you should keep a few factors in mind while choosing heels in India.

  • Pick the right size & fit

The foremost and most important is the right size and fit that should be kept in mind when it comes to heels. It is advisable not to choose a pair of heels without trying first. This is because different fits & sizes can vary from brand to brand. The slight difference can spoil the walking experience.

Furthermore, the weight change, whether gained or lost, also makes a noticeable difference. With imperfect shape and length of the heel, you will not be able to move your feet properly due to the sideways, up and down, tightening of your feet, resulting in foot pain, loss of balance and accompanied by bleeding or blistering can fall. So, only look for the pair that fits neither too tight nor too loose on feet and fit you perfectly.

  • Take a trial

When buying a pair of heels from any shoe store, wear them and walk around the store with them. You should observe them by walking backwards, forwards and even sideways. In addition, you can walk on various carpets, surfaces or bases inside the store. A hard and open surface will help to know whether walking will be comfortable or not. Wearing the wrong pair of heels can put a damper on the feet and soles, which can lead to blisters. So, take a trial and then make a final decision to buy comfy high heels.

  • Look for the right sole cushioning and thickness

Wearing heels has direct pressure on the feet. Before choosing the pair of the heel, inspect that they have adequate cushioning and padding in the base that supports the feet balls. Heels with maximum padding and thick cushion provide great comfort and support to your feet.

  • Leather

You should go for a pair of a genuine leather because they offer numerous benefits. They keep your feet dry & cold, are breathable, look classy, and are durable compared to synthetic ones.

  • Height of the Heels

Height is one of the important aspects that should be taken into consideration. The maximum comfortable heel height is 3 to 8 cm in length. Constantly wearing high-heeled shoes can increase the risk of body parts. Some of the height tips for heels are given below:

  • You can choose a pair of heels up to 4 cm high for day to day wear.
  • For parties and occasions, you can choose heels up to 10 cm. wear them only for formal dinners and parties.
  • To feel comfortable and classy, ​​you should buy heels that have 7 to 8 cm heels.
  • Heels between 12 and 16 cm are only suitable for events where you don’t need to walk a lot.

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