Top 10 Best Brown Hair Colours Brands In India

Keeping style with your hairs is common these days with the people. Not even girls, boys also keep styling their hairs in different ways like changing hairstyle or hair colour. The reason why hair colours are popular among the people is that only black colour on some occasions looks monotonous or boring. With trending lifestyle, these style statements are getting very popular in every country. Also, there are many companies which are manufacturing hair colours which are popular among people.

In India also, there are many people who are in love with the hair colours and are trying different colour brands to style their hair. It is possible easily among the people to colour their hair in salon or by themselves as the solution is coming very smooth. Just to protect your hair from damage or to offer natural looking colour, let us understand the top brands in hair colours which are popular among people these days:

10. Radico Herbal

Radico Herbal

With various colour options, this brand is coming up with great research and formulation. You can use it with any kind of hair and this rich hair colour is ammonia free. Apart from offering stronger and natural colour, this hair colour is also responsible in offering shine to your hair.Price: Rs. 99 for 60gm.

9. Godrej


There is wide range of products that comes under the brand name Godrej. It is not only widely used but is also an older one as well. There are many hair colours coming under this brand which are ammonia free and also available at affordable rates. The one best thing is that hair colours are made up of natural ingredients and are long lasting. Through this way, hair colours will surely suit to your hair. Price: Affordably priced at Rs. 30 per pack

8. Naturtint


Most of the salon professional chose this brand of hair colour as it is ammonia free and is created with natural ingredients only. Naturtint is very effective in keeping your hair scalp free and is available in 29 shades and it is also colour which is long lasting. Price is Rs.930 for 170 ml.

7. Revlon


Most of the people know about Revlon as it is an international brand which offers exciting colours under hair colour segment. This is also the leading hair colour brand in India and there is lots of colour option to choose from. This hair colour is easily available and is the first choice for many customers these days. Price: Rs 320.

6. Wella Kolestint

Wella Koleston

This colour brand is recently launched in India and is become popular among the people. Most of the salon professionals are also choosing this brand because of its long lasting colour and ammonia free feature. It is also a best quality hair colour available in India. Price: Rs.350 for 60gm.

5. Matrix


Again this is the hair colour brand which after dying offers you the exact colour you are looking for. Another thing is that this is ammonia free and it offers maximum impact on hair. There is no side effect using this hair colour and they are free from odour too. Price:Rs.265 for 90g.

4. Organic Colour Systems

Organic Colour Systems

 Organic hair colours are also popular among the people and so the reason is that organic colours are always in demand. There are many benefits that you get while buying this organic hair colour which is like they are ammonia free and they maintain the level of protein and moisture to your hair. This also offers security against hair damage after aping it to your hair.  Price: $8.99 for 150ml.

3. Garnier


The rich hair colour Garnier is an international brand and it’s offering lots of features because of which it is very much popular among the customers. They are ammonia free and it is available in the 22 different shades. This is an herbal hair colour and the dying process also lasts for 10 minutes only. Price: Rs.39 for 20ml+ 20gm hair oil.

2. Clairol


This hair colour is ammonia free and it is coming with natural instincts. Even after using 28 shampoos, it stays on your hair and protects them from getting damaged too. This is also possible that this protects your grey hair naturally as well.Price ranging from Rs. 1148.

1. L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris

This brand is not only popular but is redefined too. It is no ammonia hair colour which is popular and keeps your hair coloured and protected against all kinds of problems too. The hair colour is popular because it keeps the hair protected from roots to scalp. Price for L’Oreal Paris( Chocolate ) is Rs.535.