Top 10 Best Body Shape Wear Brands For Women In India With Price

Each lady dreams for a thin body to flaunt their exquisite bends, also a good figure likewise gives you the extension to try different things with various looks and outfits. To get you a slim shape, Shape wear are an immaculate answer for this. Thin suits are an astounding development for some ladies who haven’t had a level tummy or for the individuals who are only a few pounds far from looking extraordinary in a dress.

A decent shape wear gives you a flawless figure and improves your look. Shape-wear are accessible in various styles for the middle, the hips and thighs, the lower belly and the middle, hips and thighs together.

How to choose the right body shapewear

For the buyers who were looking for a faster way to look good and fit without undergoing the extreme exercise regime, the shapewear are one of the most reliable and efficient ways to get you’re your dream body shape. However, choosing the right shapewear can be a cumbersome process, and if you are not looking to buy a hard to use shapewear, then we will suggest you go through the following points that will help you buy perfect and most suitable shapewear for yourself. Keep the discussed points in mind and find a perfect and easy to use shapewear that can help you look at your best without undergoing the diet or attending the gym sessions.


The first and the most important thing that you must consider while purchasing shapewear is the size and fit. Make sure that the shapewear perfectly fits your size and is comfortable enough to wear for a longer time. By doing this, you can feel comfortable even while wearing tight shapewear throughout the day. Also, choose shapewear according to the hours you are planning to wear them. Wearing tight clothes for a longer period may cause itchiness and discomfort.


The next big thing that must be kept in mind while purchasing new shapewear is the material or fabric with which the shapewear is made up of. Make sure to buy shapewear with a comfortable fabric or if you are allergic to some specific kind of fabric, then make sure to check for it too. Shapewear can produce a little discomfort while being used for longer hours. So, be prepared to it by choosing a comfortable yet efficient fabric with great elasticity.

Brand name

BY choosing good shapewear from a renowned brand, you can be assured of getting a good quality fabric, fit and finish. The branded shapewear are more durable than the new and lesser known brands, and thus provide a better value for money. So, if you were looking for a good product that performs well and is safe to use for the longer periods, the branded shapewear would be an ideal choice for you.


Make sure that the shapewear you are planning to buy for yourself is durable enough to be used for longer durations and has the capability to serve you for at least a few months.By doing so, you can be assured of getting a great value for your money and will help you get a reliable product.


Make sure that the shapewear you are planning to buy is easy to maintain and clean. Keep the washing instructions in mind while cleaning it and make sure that you dry them in shade to retain the original elasticity.

So, by keeping the above-discussed points in mind while purchasing new shapewear for yourself, you can easily get ready for the night-out and parties with friends without worrying about the fatty areas of your body. So, remember these, and choose perfect body shapewear according to your needs.

Listed below are top 10 best & good body shape wear brands for women in India with price.

10. Swee Glory women’s shapewear


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Swee Glory Shapewear for ladies shapes your high midsection and additionally thigh. Your body will be better shape because of its firm pressure on your hips and thighs. Under fitted garments will be totally hidden, for broadened comfort made out of a breathable texture, it also suppresses irritation by hindering the dampness furthermore it is skin friendly. If used daily for only 3-6 weeks its micro massage will have a thinning impact. 

9. Dermawear Body Corset


You will be conveyed with an astonishing body shape with the assistance of the additional pressure at the abdomen and firm pressure at the hip zone. It has adjusting hook gives appropriate shape to larger than usual bust line.It has 4d stretch and is breathable material. After daily wearing and depending upon the individual’s metabolism it conveys unmistakable thinning impacts within 2-6 weeks. It is made by keeping the climatic conditions of India in mind. 

8. Clovia 4 in 1 shaper

Clovia 4 in 1 shaper

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This 4-in-1 shaper(tummy, back, thighs, and hips)is practically unseeable under any outfit, this is a lump control shape wear for the present day lady outlined with thin texture. The fabric is 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex. It can be worn for extend periods of time at the work environment, at a gathering or while shopping. It is so light that you will forget that you’re wearing it, yet your figure won’t go unnoticed. 

7. Adorna Body Slimmer Ladies Shapewear

Adorna Body Slimmer Ladies Shapewear

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Adorna shapewear tones up your figure by keeping in place all your body cellulite and conditioning up your body shape. These thinning garments makes your body look slimmer and more appealing by decreasing the presence of bumps, the shapewear is made of natural fiber and is dampness retentive. Henceforth it is much agreeable, even in hot atmosphere. The texture is 4D stretchable and is non hypersensitive. To get better results wear this body shaper during your workouts.

6. Soie Seamless Shapewear

Soie Seamless Shapewear

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Made to condition your tummy and thighs, this shapewear from Soie keeps those additional kilos covered up. Offering you a smooth look, this comfortable shape wear is best worn under a fitted dress. It is made up of material Polyamide and spandex. 

5. Heart to Heart Shapewear

Heart to Heart Shapewear

This astounding shapewear from Heart 2 Heart complements your bends and aides in giving a flawless shape to your tummy and abdomen for a perfect body under a wide range of dresses.

4. Pretty Secrets Body Suit

Pretty Secrets Body Suit

This rich and female body suit highlights lace trims at the middle with an undetectable zipper. This bodysuit smoothes your tummy, abdomen and hips and permits you to wear your own particular bra. 

3. Zivame Thermo Slim Body Suit

Zivame Thermo Slim Body Suit

This bodysuit offers to help you in diminishing that abundance fat around your midsection, stomach area furthermore helps you shed pounds. It gives a delicate life to your bust and helps you give your bends that required support. The fabric is 78.6% nylon and 21.4% spandex. Flawless to wear under those tight dresses, tops, and fitted kurtas. 

2. Bewitch Women’s Joy Bodysuits Shapewear

Bewitch Women’s Joy Bodysuits

This bodysuit shapewear can be balanced or adjusted according to your height; the dress is extremely soft and comfortable and will fit you wonderfully. Your stomach area range buldge will be completely invisible all because of this shapewear. Additionally fat will be diminished because of the production of more sweat in your abdomen area. It has a delicate material making the individual wearing it look wonderful. 

1. Enamor Women’s Synthetic Waist Shapers

Enamor Women’s Synthetic Waist Shapers

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The outstanding brand Enamor is here with the most appealing item that aide in making an extraordinary shape to your midsection. You will look truly appealing after wearing this abdomen shaper under your clothes. This is an uncommon assortment of waist shaping accessory which make your stomach very much formed as well as gives an awesome support to abdomen and help in back covering.

This shape wear is made of 85% polyester and 15% elastane. This can remain well just with hand wash and don’t apply bleach to the item. 

You ought to be bold, feel great and embrace your curves. Always wear what makes you feel good and this all can be accomplished utilizing body shapewear.