Top 10 Best Baby Bottle Brands In India 2019

Nestling your baby in the curve of your arms is one of the best feelings for the mother’s especially when they are bottle feeding their babies. It becomes quite obvious to choose the right and the best brand of bottle when your little one intakes his/her meals from a bottle. Choosing of right brand becomes must, so that the little one’s warmth and peaceful moments are not interrupted by collapsing of nipples, air bubbles, leaking etc. Most of the families now a day’s prefer using baby formula means they use bottles for feeding the babies.

The baby formula is to be especially used by women’s who decide to work within their babies first year so that there is a way for other family member to feed the baby with expressed breast milk or baby formula. It is allowed that from the very first day you could start using bottles. But if you prefer breast feeding for your baby then you won’t have to introduce your baby to a bottle until several weeks.

But if you make your baby addicted to the bottle so much then there lies a worry is that he/she will refuse to breast feed as bottle allows the flow of bottle very fast.

Babies at least feed on bottles until at least one year. Let’s take a look at top 10 best & good baby bottle brands in India.

10. Playtex Vent Aire wide bottle

Playtex Ventaire wide bottle

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A 100% genuine product which is imported from USA. Its angle necked shape promotes semi-upright feeding position, which prevents fluids from running to the baby’s ears. It is provided with absolutely unique anti-colic bottom vent which helps in preventing the mixing of milk with air by keeping the air at the back of the bottle. After the survey the clinical study confirmed that the babies using this brand bottle has reduced discomforts.

9. MAM Anti-Colic Bottle

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle

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This brand produces Two BPA- free bottles along with slow flow nipples. The wide opening in the bottle helps in easy cleaning. The nipple of this brand bottle is made up of ultra soft silicon which enables the switch between breast feeding and bottle- feeding. Due to its base ventilation systems the air swallowed by baby, other problems like gas, burps are prevented resulting in smooth flow of milk. It is provide with plastic cap at the top so that the nipple is kept clean in all aspects.

8. Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles

 Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles

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This brand bottles have made their come back. Undoubtedly they are heavier than plastic, but ensure a super durable property. This brand bottles are produced with a silicone sleeve to grip the bottle properly and make them shatterproof. These bottles are safe to go from freezer to the boiling water state though. These bottles are available in sizes of 4 oz, 9 oz bottles

7. Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Starter Kit

Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Starter Kit

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This brand comes with twist-locking caps that combine toughness and leak-proof guarantee and a convenient disposal of breast milk storage bag. The pouches can hold up to 175ml of milk. The provided pouches completely eliminate gas from your baby’s meal and put the transition between bottle feeding and breast feeding at an ease.

6. Mixing Baby 4 Ounce Formula Mixing Baby Bottle

Mixing Baby 4 Ounce Formula Mixing Baby Bottle

Mothers would surely love this formula and would definitely appreciate that how much perfect the Mixie is for popping in your diaper bag. Here is how it works. With the powdered formula fill the compartment inside the bottle, and then pour water in the bottle and when the baby is hungry and is willing to have its meal, just push the button present on the bottom of the bottle so that the powder is released and then shake it well. The powder and the water are rapidly mixed and the baby is soothed quickly.

5. Munchkin Latch Bottle

Munchkin Latch Bottle

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The best way in which you can adapt your baby to the use of bottle is using the LATCH brand. The specially designed nipple stretches milk like breast and the most eye catching thing is that the baby can even control the flow of milk during the time of feeding. If your little one is too forceful then the nipple can sometimes collapse and may require some adjustment. This brand bottles are the best option for breast feeding mothers. Most importantly the presence of anti-colic valve inside eliminates air pockets completely.

4. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle

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This bottle rests easily in one’s hand and later in baby’s hand too. It is made from polypropylene. It mimics the shape and movement of women’s breast. Due to its shape it is easy to clean and though easy for the baby to grasp. It is available in the sizes of 5 oz, 9 oz.

3. Playtex Baby Drop –Ins Premium Nurser Bottle Feeding

Playtex Baby Drop –Ins Premium Nurser Bottle Feeding

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a day with the Playtex Nurse it’s time to wave a goodbye to the washing of multiple bottles. Fill the bottle with breast milk or baby formula and then give a watch at the liner and see how the liner collapses as soon as the baby empties the bottle and hence preventing the air from mixing into the milk. As soon as the baby is done with taking of milk you can throw away the liner. And disposing of liner is quite eco-friendly.

2. Philips A Vent BPA Free Natural Infant Starter

Philips AVent BPA Free Natural Infant Starter

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It features anti-colic valves that prevents air from mixing with the milk. This brand bottles are designed very simply that makes it quite easy to clean.

1. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard Bottle

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard Bottle

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Here comes the bestselling Brand of baby bottles. It is designed in such a way that it prevents the baby from sucking the air bubbles. And as the air does not get mix with the milk the baby gets proper vitamins like C, A, and E. It is available in sizes of 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz.

So prefer the above listed brand bottles to make your baby’s day soothing.