Top 10 Famous Blood Banks in India (Blood Donation Organizations)

Blood donation helps to save lives. Persons in the age group of 18-65 years are considered healthy donors. But still stringent screening and proper collection practices and a fully equipped blood bank ensures that you get safe blood for transfusion. Thalassemia patients, cancer patients and accident cases and others who lose blood during a surgery benefit the most, if the right blood is available at the right time. According to reports, India faces a shortage of 3 million units on the whole. This margin could be reduced if you get additional two percentage of the Indian population to donate blood.

Here in this list top 10 popular blood banks of India have been pooled.

10. Sir J. J. Mahanagar Raktapedhi- Mumbai

It is a 100% voluntary blood donation center, which was made operational in 2009. It is fully automated and provides 24hrs service. It is a walk in blood donation facility which is manned between 8am to 8pm. They also have air conditioned mobile blood collection vans to reach out to donors.They also provide blood stock updates and also provide information about the blood banks nearer to you for donation as well as to meet your requirements. This blood bank is part of the Maharashtra government blood transfusion council.

9. Sankalp India Foundation- Bengaluru

Sankalp Foundation has been in this field since 2003 and are involved in obtaining voluntary blood donation in Karnataka. They have a blood helpline and they are known to help patients worldwide with a rare blood group known as the hh blood group or Bombay Blood group. This organization works for blood donation.

8. Voluntary Health Services- Chennai

Dr. Krishnaswami SrinivasaSanjivi an eminent physician and scholar made available health and related medical services through this establishment since 1958. Though he is not with us, the establishment, echo his ethos. This establishment, from the day of its inception to this day has a blood bank with only voluntary donors.

7. Ramakrishna mission Seva Prathishthan- Kolkata

This blood bank is within the Ramakrishna mission Seva Pratishthan Hospital in Kolkata and is open round the clock on all days. It was started in 1996 to meet the needs of patients in the hospital, but now, they supply blood to patients in other hospitals too, based on availability. They do not ask for replacement of blood.

6. Jeeva Dhara Voluntary Blood bank- Hyderabad

This blood bank was established in 2005 and it relies totally on voluntary donors. It is a non- government organization which provides state of the art technology and service. They meet their requirements for blood by organizing voluntary blood donation camps in corporate, educational institutions and by organizing events and gatherings. The team believes that if the ends are just, and the efforts are earnest, the means will follow. Therefore, they have been able to provide SAFE BLOOD to the patients in the Hyderabad region and will continue to do so.

5. Rotary Blood Bank – Delhi

They are the pioneers in voluntary blood donation and the blood bank was established in 2002. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified blood bank which is modern and possesses all state of the art technology. They follow stringent screening procedures and good laboratory practices and cater to the people who are in need of blood without asking for a replacement.The members of the team are still working to pass on the message that Blood donation is harmless, painless and absolutely safe and good for your health.

4. Santakba Durlabji Memorial Hospital (SDMH)- Jaipur

This basic blood bank facility has emerged as a multi component blood bank and transfusion service providing blood to meet the needs of in-house SDMH patients and other patients in the entire state of Rajasthan. The Inception of this bank was done in 1973. They inspired by late Shri Rashmikant Durlabji wanted to make this blood bank as a non- profit- organization and the best in the country. At present, it has emerged as a multi-specialty blood bank and gets a minimum of 10 units and a maximum of 150 units of blood from voluntary donors per day. It performs round the clock and caters to transfusion needs of all the hospitals close to Jaipur

3. Surat Raktadan Kendra and Research Centre- Gujarat

The founder, Dr. Pradip K. Desai, who was a pathologist, along with his friends and like- minded group of people were instrumental in setting up acharitable trust in 1976 and started to motivate college students and youth to donate blood, to save lives. The response they received was instantaneous and it has made progress in the last 34 years and it is a modern regional blood transfusion center located in Khatodara and it also has a center in Gopipura. Encouraging blood donation and organizing blood donation camps are being done by the volunteers of this Kendra.

2. Parakh voluntary blood bank- Jhansi

This is a voluntary and charitable blood bank catering to people in and around Jhansi. Volunteers are most important for a not-for –profit organization. They ensure that the blood is collected and passed on to those who need it.

1. Allahabad Medical Association Blood Bank- Allahabad

This is an initiative of the Allahabad Medical Association. It is a charitable organization which follows stringent measures to provide safe blood to the patients, who require it.

The shelf-life of donated blood is just 35-42 days. Therefore, it is essential to have a strong network which enables you to identify the blood donors, their location,  and connects them or directs them to blood banks close to them and also the list of persons requiring blood to ensure that the blood obtained by the blood banks do not go waste.

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