Top 10 Best Bike Engine Oil Brands in India

Like the blood runs in the human body for the maintenance of the health, engine oil also plays the role of blood in the maintenance of the vehicle. Engine oil plays a key role in the insurance of smooth running and upkeep of the bike. Besides this, there are also very important functions of engine oil for the vehicle and bikes like lubricating, cooling, enhancing efficiency, protection; reducing friction and anti- rust agent which means engine ultimately increase the life of the vehicle by improving the engine life of the bike.

Here are the top 10 lubricating engine oil brands that have succeeded to meet the requirements of the new era of engine technology.

10. Tide water oil co India limited

Tide water oil co India limited is among the top brand in the engine oils for bikes in India. The brand was formulated in the year of 1928 have been the famous brand of India because of is high quality features. This company is supplying the products like engine oils, gear oils, grease, engine coolants and transmission oils.

9. GS Caltex India private limited

GS catlex

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With the head office located in the city of Mumbai, the GS Caltex have been serving the nation of India since 1996 from its year of production with the quality products like finished lubricants, and wide range of petrochemicals to the leading vehicle brands like BMW, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz and many others. This is the reason it is ranked among the top engine oil provider for the bikes.

8. ExxonMobil Lubricants Private Limited


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Holding the position of number 8th, ExxonMobil Lubricants Private Limited is one of the top engine oil brands for bikes in India. The company was established in 1911 with the headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana. The brand is famous for the products like heavy duty engine oils, premium motor oils and also everyday motor oils.

7. Valvoline Cummins Ltd

Valvoline Cummins Ltd

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Another famous engine oil brand for bike in India is the Valvoline Cummins Ltd that is the venture between Cummins and Ashland Inc. the company was established in 1866 and emerged as the famous oil brand because of its reliable Synthetic blend motor oils,Diesel motor oils, conventional motor oils and Racing motor oil.

6. Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Featuring next on the list is the Indian Oil Corporation Limited that is the Indian Government owned company with the headquarters housed in New Delhi, the capital. It is the largest oil brand in terms of sales and offers the lubricating engine oils for the vehicles including cars, carriers and bikes.

5. Honda India

Offering the genuine engine oils for maximizing the life of the vehicle, Honda India is one of the best engine oil providers in India for bikes. The quality engine oils from this brand prevent the corrosion and keep the engine of the bike clean with addition of cooling under the extreme hot conditions.

4. Gulf lubricants


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Another most famous brand in regards of the quality engine oils for bikes is the Gulf Lubricants that was established in the year of 1901 with the headquarters at Pittsburgh. The wide range of automotive engine oils from the company provides the fluids and oils that are best suited for the protection of your bikes.

3. Shell India markets private limited

shell helix

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He multi- national company, Shell is the pride seller of the lubricant oils throughout the world. It is also the leading lubricating company in India and was established in the year of 1907. The company deals in the exploration, refining and distribution of oil and gas across the globe.

2. ELF India

elf moto

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The newcomer in the automotive productions, ELF holds the 2nd rank in our list because of the high quality oils and lubricating engine products. It is also the largest employing company in India. The company had gained its present reputation because of its powerful engine oils.

1. Castrol India limited


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The champion on our list is the Castrol India limited that has survived to win the hearts of numerous Indians with its reliable and economical products.

The company was established in 1910 with the headquarters housed in Mumbai. The products protect the engine of the vehicles from heating by reducing the friction and keeping them cool.