Top 10 Best Baby Diaper Brands in India

Nowadays disposable diapers are an inseparable part of a baby. The ease of use and hygiene has made the diapers an integral part of baby care. Unlike cloth diapers, disposable diapers are for one time use. Remove and put it in garbage bag – no hassle to clean it again and again. These are designed such a way so that they do not leak. It is convenient to use when the baby is sleeping or while travelling. There are so many brands available in the market now it is tough to select among them.

Below few top brands of diapers in the Indian market are lists which will help you to choose the right one for your loved little one.

10. Zogo Dry

Zogo Dry

This is one of the most well-known diaper brands. It is made up of high quality absorbency and leakage protecting mechanism. It is economical too which has made it popular.

9. Pigeon


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Serving since 1957 it is one of the veterans in diaper industry. With a special side leak prevention guard, it does not let the diaper leak. Good quality absorbent does not let the diaper form a pulp, keeping the baby comfortable and clean.

8. Bella Baby

Bella Baby

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This product is introduced in Indian market on 2002. It uses very soft cotton which comforts the soft skin of the baby. It provides ample room for air flow and helps vanish the odour.

7. Dry Plus

This product is introduced by Xtracare. It has varieties like nappies, diapers and tissues. It can absorb the liquid very fast and prevent the side leakage.

6. Snuggy


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Manufactured by Godrej, it is one of the oldest and trusted brands of diapers. Its reliability is based upon the cloth like feeling in spite of a disposable diaper, a superb absorbent system which keeps the baby dry throughout the night.

5. Wipro Baby Soft

Wipro Baby Soft

Stepped into the market in 1991 and became popular for its unique super gel absorbent system which soaks the liquid deep into the diaper and does not let the baby feel uncomfortable. It has brought a new variant in the market – cloth feels diapers, which keep the baby out of the irritation of a conventional diaper.

4. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson

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One of the pioneer brands of disposable diapers instead of cloth diapers. The brand name says it all. It is the most trusted brand for baby products. Well, availability, softness and ease of use has made this popular among the parents of a new born.

3. Pamper


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This Procter & Gamble product is serving the babies for 50 years in a row. When it comes about sanitation or hygiene P & G is named everyone trusts. It has a variety of style (Pant like diapers and conventional diapers). It is so popular because of its wide and easy availability. These are comfortable for the babies and give them long lasting dryness and keep their skin soft.

2. Mamy Poko pants

Mamy Poko pants

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This Japanese brand has a huge market and requirement. It is slightly different than the usual shape of the other available diapers. It is shaped like a pant and it needs to be pulled up. Unlike conventional diapers it does not have stickers which often cause rashes so it is much more comfortable for the babies with sensitive sin. These diapers are very soft, lightweight and keep babies dry for a long time.

1. Huggies

Huggies Diaper

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Manufactured by Kimberly-Clark Corporation it is the most sold baby diapers in the Indian market. The manufacturer itself is world’s leading healthcare organisation. It is so liked by the parents because these are soft, keep your baby rash free, do not let the baby feel wet. It is made up of high quality absorbent. It has a wide range of variants based on baby’s age and weight and available in all medicine shops and departmental store.

These are highly popular and effective brands that you must consider while purchasing diapers.

How to Choose the Right Diaper For Your Baby

Follow the below guidelines before choosing the right diaper for baby-

Pick a Diaper that has excellent absorption quality

Retentiveness is the most significant characteristic of any diaper, disposable or cloth. Ingestion covers how much fluid a diaper can hold and how it keeps on holding that dampness far from the child’s skin. Poor retention can open a child’s skin to diligent clamminess, which can prompt diaper rash.

SAP powder is sprinkled into the centre of the spongy centre layers between the external spread and inward liner of the diaper. SAP is the meat of the diaper’s receptiveness sandwich. It gives the essential technique for engrossing pee and wet faecal issue and catching it in the centre.

Choose the diaper according to the age of the baby

Newborn Babies make little chaos when contrasted with a significant child as all the baby is having is bosom milk. The repetition of the pee and crap is significantly more in newborn children than big kids. Select the diaper formed and fabricated solely for infants.

When the infant turns a half year, he begins to eat strong sustenance. This outcome in progressively untidy diapers. At this age, one should be cautious while choosing the diaper. Continuously select well-fitting release sealed diapers. Presently the infant likewise begins to rest longer amid the night. Longer the rest, the wetter the diaper. This will give baby continuous great night rest.

The infant will be active amid this time. Select a diaper with a lot of stretches. The amount of stool and the measure of pee will increment. So will be the structure up of disease-causing microorganisms. Changing diaper all the more regularly is expected to stay away from nappy rashes.

At the age of two and above, the youngster has achieved potty preparing period. So changing them from diaper to pant is recommended by the doctors.

Child’s Comfort

Diapers are worthwhile amid the night and when the mother is going for a tour with the little one. It is likewise useful when the infant is sick. One of the most important points before choosing the baby diaper is the comfort level.

Keeping the child pleasant requires outstanding and a satisfactory fit as well as materials that vibe delicate on the infant’s skin. Safe tabs need to remain put and ought to have sensitive or adjusted corners. Likewise, edges and creases need to feel consistent to abstain from scraping.

Good Fit to Help Avoid Leaks

The heaviness of the child estimates diapers. Nonetheless, much like infant’s garments, fit between disposable diaper brands shift. Most diapers help guarantee a release free fit by giving a twofold flexible fixing edge. One edge just along the permeable centre, and one along with the external shell of the diaper.

It is not true that all diapers fit correctly. Some were gentler and fit in with the body pleasantly. While others were stiffer, leaving little holes that made a less fortunate fit. So choose the right diaper according to baby weight and size.