Top 10 Best Baby Clothing Brands in India With Price

There are various products which the parents buy for their kids. The parent wants to purchase the best of the products which could provide the maximum comfort to their children’s. Choosing the products for the children is very difficult as utmost care needs to be taken from the side of precaution from infection. The care in terms of choosing the clothes is one of the concerns for the parents. For this they can opt for the best baby clothing brands in India, which will give the children’s comfort and protection. With this if the clothes look good, elegant and appeals to the kids then that will be the best choice for the kids.

So here is the list of Top 10 Best Baby Clothing Brands in India

10. Nauti Nati

Nauti Nati

This is made up of the fabric which is pure cotton and does not have any mix. They make the clothes for both the boys and girls till age group of 8 years. For boys they have the clothes, even till the age of 10 years. The clothes are very comfortable and do give any rashes to the kids. The price of the wear starts from Rs 500/-.

9. Nee & Oink

Nee & Oink

It was named for the founder such as Oiendrila Ray and Neelakshi. These are the sisters and they together make the design for their children’s to wear and then this does not stop. They use the fabric which is Eco friendly and organic. By using this it gives the best of comfort and safety to their kids. They use the dyes which are safe for the kids and do not bring any harm to them. The cost of the wear is around Rs 700/-.

8. Chicco


These are there around 120 countries with the best of excellence in the Clothes. The designs of the clothes are unique and awesome. It is one of the largest baby brands in the Europe. They manufacture almost everything related to the kids starting from the basic need such as bottles for feeding. The price of the products starts from approximately Rs 600/-.

7. Skip Hop

Skip Hop

This is established in the year 2003 by the parents who just entered the parenthood, Ellen Diamant and Michael. They faced the problem of the Diaper bags and they designed one. After this they had come with various other things for the kid such as toys, clothes, nursery items, accessories, lunch boxes, etc. Now it has spread all over the world in around 30 countries. The clothes have the best of design and comfort. The price of the kid wears starts from Rs 900/-.

6. Kapkids


They had brought the Nike Action, Jordan Kids and Levi’s Kids into the Indian Market. They had the best of the design with the comfort in them. They are also in to the accessories and footwear. For different occasion all the design are there with them in Clothing, accessories and footwear. The price of the kids wear starts approximately Rs 500/-.

5. Cucumber


They are famous for the quality and the style. These clothes will make the kids comfortable and make the children have full fun of their childhood. These clothes are easy to maintain. They are having different collection for the kids such as the inner wear, kids wear, club, warmz and cucufun. They manufacture the wear for the kids from 2 years to 16 years. The cost of the wear starts from Rs 800/-.

4. Little Kangaroos

Little Kangaroos

It was established in the year 1976 and today it has the capacity of making around 5000 garments every day. It gives around 400 designs every season. These designs consist of latest prints, best of designs, elegant embroidery and various other best of features in them. They had 4 exclusive outlets all over the world with various other showrooms and point of sale. They are present in Saudi Arabia, Doha, Ukraine, South Africa, Australia, Dubai and various others. The price of the wears starts with Rs 700/-.

3. Lilliput


This was started by Sanjeev Narula in the year 1991 with only 25 sewing machines and has the capital of around 1 lakh only. Now it has been spread all over the world like China, South East Asia, Middle East and Gulf, and Africa. It gives the best of designs in the kids wear. The price of the wears starts from Rs 500/-.

2. Gini and Jony

 Gini and Jony

This was established in the year 1980 by Prakash Lakhani with only four sewing machines. They make the complete wear with the age group from new born till the age of 16 years. They had around 250 stores spread all over India. Their main focus is on the comfort with the style. There are various awards won by them such as Best Kid’s wear Brand by Pantaloon retail India Ltd, Most Admired Kid’s wear brand by Images Fashion Awards, Kid’s wear Brand by CMAI’s Apex Awards and various other awards. The price of the kid wear starts from Rs 700/-.

1. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

These are the wears which are popular among the kids as they have different famous cartoon printed on the kids wear such as The Power Puff Girls, Ben 10 etc and various other signs which are liked by the kids. The cost of the kid wear starts from Rs 800/-.

If the clothing for the kids is comfortable, then it would make the kid happy and easy to do the things. This will help the kids to learn more while playing and do the things freely.