Top Ten Best Acting Schools in India

Bollywood is a small world in itself in India. A lot of people want to become an actor. They have dreamt of it and made a mark in the industry, some has inborn talent the others work for it, but no matter what a little training is required to be the best in what you have dreamt of. Acting is an art, it comes naturally, no one can actually teach you how to act, but yes, the teachers and the acting institutes will guide you and they will help you take out the best in you.

While acting, you should be aware of the terms the industry uses and how to look into the camera or how to avoid the camera, all these things the acting or drama school will teach you. Hence, if you are aspire to become an actor then you must join an acting school, it is also good for those who can act, but not in front of the crowd, it helps in boosting your confidence and makes you more presentable and open.

Mentioned below are the best acting schools in India.

10. CRAFT, Delhi

It is a non-Profit organisation established in 2006 gives you short term and long term courses. This college trains you for acting and with that also train in you the different audio-visual mediums and techniques.


9. R.K. Film and Media Academy, Delhi

It is a standout amongst the most prestigious acting foundations of India. The organization started singularly as an acting institute has ventured into the zone of mass correspondence too.


8. Kishore-Namit Kumar Acting Institute, Mumbai

A well known institute, which offers a short term course of 18 months and along with acting, there are a lot of recreational activities as well such as music, dancing, meditation.


7. Roshan Taneja School of Acting, Mumbai

Roshan Taneja, the former founder and head of FTII Institute, has been teaching acting since 49 years. The faculty here is all renowned people who has a big name in the acting showbiz.


6. Asian Academy of Film and Television

Dominating the South Asia, AAFT is one of the best institutes in India. It offers a long term course in acting along with short term and not just that there are other course also available related to media such as direction, editing and sound mixing and editing.


5. Whistling Woods International, Mumbai

The famous Director Subash Ghai is one such person who never fails to promote this institute, it is India’s best institute and not just that it comes in the list of top 10 film schools of the world. It is a perfect choice for those who want to pursue their dreams.


4. Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares, Mumbai

This institute is founded by Anupam Kher, the actor who has spent more than half his life acting. A school which is dedicated only for actors is one of the best acting schools in India. They also conduct a lot of workshops weekly, and the workshops are also conducted across the country.


3. The Barry John Acting Studio, Delhi/Mumbai

Run by a famous theatre director Barry john, who is a British born in India. The acting studio was initially established in Delhi, but later was shifted to Mumbai. But Barry every year conducts workshops and classes and offers numerous Diploma courses in Delhi for the acting enthusiasts.


2. National School of Drama, Delhi

Established in 1969 and founded by Sangeet Natya akademi, NSD is India’s oldest and the most renowned acting and theatre school. Most of india’s best actors have passed out from this institute and it is extremely tough to get into this school.


1. Film and Television Institute India, Pune

Established in the 1960, FTII is India’s best school. It is the one of the oldest and very renowned school, A lot of alumni of this school are today the most well known people in the industry. It offers a two years PGD and a Diploma course in other fields as well besides acting, which includes: filming, directing, sound, editing.


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