Tips and Tricks To Speed Up Your Internet Connection

The speed of your internet connection is one of the issues that can be so annoying and frustrating. For instance, the day Elite season 3 came out, and I tried downloading it that night, the internet connection was so bad, I had to download it the next day!

Trust me, for a season I had anticipated since I saw the trailer, I was very pissed. I am sure I’m not the only one that has ever felt this way. In other words, slow internet connection sucks, but what if there was a way to fasten the process?

Yeah! That’s the purpose of this article; there are tricks and tips that can help boost your internet speed. Stay with me as we discover the nitty-gritty of hastening internet speed. Leggo!

We have various tips and tricks that can be used to speed up internet connections, and I’d be picking the major and common ones that can be applied easily and fast.

Switch off and restart your router

It is possible that your PC or smartphone becomes slow and misbehaves, thereby slowing down the speed of connection. This can be resolved by rebooting the device. Restarting clears any unnecessary processes in the background and cached memory, so the speed of the internet connection is faster.

Verification of Your Data Plan

A major issue which may affect the internet speed is the type of subscription that you are on. It is possible you’ve been placed on slow internet speed without realizing it, and so it is necessary to know if it’s your plan that is the issue or something else entirely. Checking your plan is simple; call the customer care of your internet provider or simply use short codes if made available by your service provider.


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Virus Check 

If there is a virus on your device, it will most likely affect your internet. Sometimes, a virus or viruses can actually live on your device, and it will be draining it of resources, and that also applies to the speed of your internet connection.

Therefore, download a malware scanner to fish out any virus that may be hiding within your device. You can check online sites for further clarification on betting.

Have you Tried Cables?  

WiFi connection is very nice, but it can never be as nice and fast as being plugged into the direct source.

Ads Blocking

About 95% of content providers display advertisements. You can hardly open a site online without having to deal with ads always popping up. These ads come in the form of pictures, auto-played videos, apps, GIFs, and so on.

All these kinds of stuff come at the cost of the speed of connection and so it is best to block them all. You can do this by installing an ad-blocking plugin that automatically shuts down those ads as you open sites.

Clearing Cache

A cache is usually in the form of cookies, which are bits and pieces of info pertaining to the user. Online retailers then use these cookies to send relevant ads based on your search history. Have you noticed some set of ads tend to pop up every time? It is the cookies that are responsible.

All these end up adding to the slow internet connection issues you are having. Clear the cache on your browser as often as possible or just install a plugin, so the process is automatic. The more you clear your cookies and cache, the faster your internet connection.

The Internet provider 

At times, your internet provider is the principal cause of the slow connection. Some internet providers are known for low internet speed and so if you happen to be using one, then that is where the problem lies.

If, after trying the tips and tricks given, then know it is the internet provider. Then, you can change the service provider.Ensure you check for service providers with the best speed quality before picking one.

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