The Top 10 Big Bollywood Scandals Till Date

Bollywood is famous not only for movies, but also for its unlimited scandals. The year has reached an end, and as anyone might expect, a great deal of news from Bollywood made it to the features. With the coming of the online networking and informing applications like Whatsapp, spilled recordings get to be viral in the blink of an eye. What’s more, when it includes a prominent big name, things go significantly quicker. Here’s glancing back at occasions that stunned us, astounded us, charmed us, broke our hearts or made them talk.

10. Ashmit Patel and Riya Sen

Ashmit Patel and Riya Sen

The occasionally on-screen character courted contention in 2005 when a video of her getting comfortable with co-star Ashmit Patel hit the web, with the 90-second video going ahead to accomplish Internet ignominy and collecting a bigger number of eyeballs than every one of the movies of her whole Bollywood vocation set up together.

9. Bibaker Banerjee and Payal Rastogi

Noted movie producer Dibakar Banerjee got a genuine exhibition of the topic of his film Love, Sex, and Dhokha when he got entangled in a genuine sex outrage after wannabe on-screen character Payal Rohatgi blamed him for clearly approaching her to strip in return for a part in his forthcoming film, Shanghai.

8. Aditya Pancholi

He was accused of assaulting the young girl who was apparently the cleaning lady at her house when she was traveling, and not just that he also humiliated Kangna Ranaut with whom he was having an unexpected infatuation. Aditya pancholi somehow managed to get away with it but it went viral.

7. Madhur Bhandarkar

The director, writer was accused of assaulting the model actor Preeti Jain. He promised Preeti to marry her, and he led her to the false promises of taking her in the movies and then not keeping his promise. A person, who made movies on real issues were assaulted for some real nasty thing happening in the big Bollywood showbiz.

6. Subhash Ghai and Manisha Koirala

In the mid-’90s, Manisha’s mom apparently assured that movie producer Subhash Ghai had made lewd gestures at the on-screen character. The performer didn’t go on record about what had unfolded between the two. They obviously fixed up later. On the other hand, it might notice that she didn’t work for his pennant post the assertions.

5. Veena Malik

In 2012, a hot video professedly highlighting the Pakistani performing artist began doing the rounds of the web. The clasp has a couple enthusiastically making out and sent the temperatures taking off. The fellow in the video was affirmed to be Rajan Verma, her co-star in the film ‘Zindagi 50-50’

4. Shweta Basu Prasad

National Award-winning performing artist Shweta Basu Prasad of “Makdee” and “Iqbal” popularity was captured as of late for professedly being included in a prostitution racket.

3. Shahid and Kareena Kapoor

In 2004, Shahid and Kareena gave their greatest hit until then – an MMS, which supposedly demonstrated the two ex-darlings were kissing enthusiastically, was the discussion of the web.

2. Scandalous Conversation of Bipasha Basu and Amar Singh

A sound tape of Bipasha is found where she is professedly talking filthy to government official Amar Singh hit the waves. Notwithstanding Amar Singh is purportedly utilizing his clout to have the tape shrouded, the outrageous discussion advanced toward the hands, or rather the ears, of general society in 2011.

1. Shiney Ahuja

Shiney Ahuja

In June 2009, the performing artist’s household help had held up a police objection against him asserting assault at his living arrangement. Shiney was captured and along these lines sentenced to seven years detainment. He is as of now out on safeguard. Ahuja, who was far from movies in the wake of getting involved in the affirmed assault case, is set for a rebound on the silver screen with ‘Welcome Back’. The actor unfortunately lost his career and his friends from the industry.

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