The big hits that raise the spirits – the sixes!

Cricket is a world-famous sporting event. In recent decades, the shorter version of the game called the twenty-twenty has risen to great heights. Back in the days when the team used to score 200, in the new format the score blazes past 230 easily. How is this even possible? The answer is very simple.

More runs per over! The runs taken per over have risen dramatically. Coming to the point, this means more fours and sixes. How are our athletes able to hit so many sixes? What is the secret behind it? Let us see if our veterans can give us an answer.

Kevin Pietersen and a handful of cricketing legends take on this question of how and what are the factors for hitting sixes in a video done by IPL betting site Betway. Let us investigate the factors put forward by the legends themselves.

Secrets behind hitting them huge ones!

Kevin Pietersen comes out with a huge statement saying that hitting sixes is about the confidence a player has. This is a very valid statement. Sixes and the number of a player hit during his match indeed put out a stamen of what mentality he has played the match. The reference here is the confidence of a player’s abilities. Kevin also states that the ability to put the ball beyond the boundary lines is about knowing the tools a player possesses.

Every cricketer has his or her niches and areas of specialty. We can see that some athletes hit more sixes than others. One special reference is to M.S Dhoni who hit a six to win India the world cup. In that situation any other player would have only thought about playing it safe, getting the required runs to secure the victory and that too at the biggest stage in world cricket. But he hit a six instead. He knew it was his strong point and he did it.

Sixes – Polished diamonds?

Another star-studded player says that sixes are something that a player keeps working on. This is none other than David Miller. He states that a player is always trying to get into the groove of hitting sixes and understanding why he or she could do it. Every game is a learning chance for the player.

He goes through different situations, ground conditions, and faces bowlers from around the globe. This process gives the player a keen sense of what his strengths and weaknesses are. In due time he is then able to address these and improve on the situation and his game.

Kevin speaks about the year England had won the world cup, 2010. He claims that his team before they won in the Caribbean, had intense range hitting sessions. They specifically practiced hitting the ball at a certain pace and were guaranteed to cross the boundary line flying.

Range hitting enhances the athlete’s chances of clearing the boundary multiple times in a game. It builds the necessary reflex action to balls of high speed and is responsible for making the player be calm and collected, ready for the situation and able to understand the opportunity in front of him.

Dwayne Pretorius a seasoned player from the South African squad claims that a player does and must have a sense of what ball at what specific length should be sent sailing. Indeed, every ball can’t be hit for a maximum. This gives an insight that the player should be intelligent to know when to attack and when to not. Shot selection is a key factor that decides the outcome of every ball. It plays a direct role in whether it will produce runs or another victim for the bowler.

Cricket and its latest trends are a very interesting. The thrill when your favorite player hits the ball for a six is sheer adrenaline. It is also very clear that there is no cricketer in the world who thinks that he cannot hit a six. What are your thoughts about it? Is it the timing of the six or the sheer power used to hit it that decides how far it goes? Tune into the next live match to know about it and closely observe.

Interview via the Betway Insider

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