What Are The Signs to Replace Your Home Furniture?

No matter how expensive your furniture is, there comes a time when you need to say goodbye to it. Your kids’ beds that you preserved for a long, that heirloom chest drawer you got from your parents and that traditional dining table design set you purchased with your first salary, every piece of furniture has got an expiry date. But often finding the right time whether to update furniture or not can be difficult.

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Therefore, to help you out mentioned below are the warning signs that reveal your furniture needs replacement.

1. Creaking noises

If every time you sit on your sofa, chair, or table and it starts making creaking or popping sound, then its time your furniture needs replacement. Over time, the wooden and metal components of your furniture tend to become weak. The internal damage in them results in unusual sounds which is a sure sign of parts wear and tear. So, if you don’t want to come across nasty surprises, like chair breaking under you, resulting in extreme body pain, make sure you opt for timely replacement.

2. Worn Upholstery

With long and continued to use your furniture upholstery tends to become worn out and faded. Even leather incurs damage over time, although it lasts longer than fabric.

In such cases, reupholstering is an option. But it could cost you a fortune. The total labor and material cost incurred can go very high which isn’t an economical option. Thus, it’s better to go for a replacement.

3. Warped or Cracked Wood

Wood splits, cracks, and warps due to aging and poor quality construction. Excessive warping can result in the splitting of furniture. However, by applying wood oil the possibility of warping, cracking and splitting can be mitigated. Moreover, when wood finish tends to wear off, the furniture needs to undergo refinishing for preventing humidity. But this is an expensive procedure, over which buying new furniture is a better alternative.

4. Failed Mechanisms

A dresser with broken drawers or cracked rollers signifies damage to the mechanism. Such damages are likely to aggravate over time with regular use. Similarly, your other pieces of furniture may be susceptive to such failures. Before the situation gets worse identify these signs and get your furniture repaired. If the damage is beyond repair then go for a new piece.

5. Change of Taste

If your old pieces of furniture don’t entice you anymore, then maybe your taste has evolved with changing trends. You need to shop for a new set of furniture. One more obvious reason which may require to shop is a mismatch between your old furniture and home architecture. Also, if your family size has grown and your furniture unit isn’t enough to fit your needs, go for an upgrade.

What’s your reason? Well, whatever reason you have, replacing furniture is a good way to add a new spark to your home interiors.

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