How Much Electricity Does a Refrigerator Consume in India?

Refrigerators are an essential appliance in every Indian household. It was introduced as a cooling device, and now it has become a part of the house. Moreover, refrigerators are used in houses to reduce a lot of human effort too. It helps store food and also allows you to keep your beverages cold. More importantly, it shall not spoil the food. There are many options and makes it tricky to select the best one.

As such, these refrigerators are being used for 24 hours and 365 days. The consumption of electricity is more and consistent. It is better to see how much it consumes per day to give you a fabulous idea before purchasing the right product. Also, we must buy the fridge that stands Indian standards of power and power cuts. The economic factors also prescribe us to buy the one that consumes less power.


Electricity Consumption by refrigerators in India

It is to be understood that refrigerators consume power daily. Also, this is one appliance where we use it constantly without any break. It has its power-consuming capacity, and its a better way in which we need to analyze that factor in detail. The power consumption varies too. When the compressor is starting or when the outside temperature affects the refrigerator. The amount of electricity consumed is so high.

We can take a quick example in knowing what will be the annual power consumption. Also, we can check the daily consumption too.

If annual power consumption is 700 KWh

And imagine that the number of days used is 300.

The average wattage of the fridge is 2300 Watts per day.

You must identify the best fridge, which is less than the number that we saw. The government comes with BEE star rating, and that officially certifies that the fridge is less in power consumption. The fridges are rated at a scale of 5 stars. Higher the rating, the lesser the power consumption. Usually, we shall find fridges with 4 star ratings.

The power consumption is usually caused due to the compressor. It is the heart of the fridge. Also, the cooling liquid efficiency and energy loss due to transmission. The BEE ratings can also help you identify the eco-friendly products too. It has reduced CFC radiation.

Some refrigerators are available in the market that can save 70% of the energy consumption. Some fridges consume only 300 to 700 kilowatts per year. It is naturally less than many of the yesteryear refrigerators.

Exploring other options

There are many technological advancements in the refrigerator industry. There are inverter models in the fridges that help conserve 30 to 50% of the energy. Compared to the regular fridges, these are worthwhile. Of course, yes, the refrigerators cost a lot. The regular ones are far cheaper than the inverter models.

For us to know which one works the best, we must know how they work.

Regular fridges: The Hydro Fluro Carbon, in its liquid state, absorbs all the heat from the refrigerator and converts it into gas. The compressor’s job is to convert this gas into the liquid. And this is the liquid form of Hydro Fluro carbon. The compressor part of the cycle determines the electricity consumption.

The inverter models: In this model, the compressor shall work only on a need basis. If it is summer, the compressor may work more. If it is winter, it shall work less.  It maintains the right temperature inside the fridge, and it is a commendable technology. Thus the electricity consumption is less with this model than the regular ones as in the former models; the compressor shall work irrespective of the requirement.

Also, the rating is based on the annual power consumption and not on the compressor efficiency. The compressor efficiency and annual power consumption have a very vast difference. A new rating has come into existence to bridge this gap, it is famous and known as the Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER).

Tips to save Energy

  1. Temperature settings must be kept in check always: The thermostat or temperature stat must always be checked so that you have an optimum temperature for the external weather too. You cannot have too cold a temperature during winter. It shall make the freezer accumulate a lot of ice, and it consumes a lot of power.
  2. The refrigerator must be filled: This is an important tip. Do not keep the fridge empty. Have it checked and filled always. Space in the fridge may cause more power to be consumed.
  3. Regular maintenance: Any electronic appliance requires to be maintained properly. Regular maintenance always helps the fridge to stay healthy and consume less power. The metal condenser must undergo maintenance services so that it functions the best. It shall allow the ice build-up to be optimum also.

Buying a refrigerator is most valuable. At the same time, maintaining takes more sense in allowing to consume less power. Clean the refrigerator often, and that makes the job easier too.

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