Styling The Indian Choker Necklace: Perfect Look For Every Occasion!

Choker necklaces are becoming extremely popular, with them being seen almost everywhere. From magazines to TV shows, from movies to red-carpet events, Bollywood celebrities have been rocking the Indian choker necklace. Its regal and royal look and versatility make it one of the most coveted necklace pieces of all time. Stunning and a symbol of 90s nostalgia, these choker necklaces are here to stay! It can be styled with both Indian and western outfits. Its luxurious look is steadily climbing up to become the absolute Indian wedding staple. Here are some tips to indulge in this beautiful trend in your style!

Styling Indian Choker Necklaces For Weddings

Styling Indian Choker Necklaces For Weddings

There are a great variety of chokers that you can choose from for your bridal outfit. You can choose a polki and pearl choker to achieve that absolute royal look. Diamond choker necklaces define class and grace; they would look perfect with any outfit! For brides who want to go all in for the royal look, a classic Jadau choker would slay the look perfectly. For brides willing to experiment and try something unique, go for a more modern design. You can try a short, edgy choker to stand out in the bridal crowd. On the other hand, for brides, look for the good ol’ classic look; the Kundan and polki choker necklace would look heavenly on your wedding day.

Styling Indian Choker Necklaces For Parties

Styling Indian Choker Necklaces For Parties

Parties are excellent events to go all out and showcase your elegant style. Choker necklaces would look extremely alluring on western and Indian outfits. If you are going to wear a western outfit, go for a modern design, Like a short, edgy choker. Diamond choker necklaces would look very posh and provide that perfect elegant party look! For girls who like the classic look, wear a pearl choker necklace. That would look amazing on most western outfits.

If you are wearing an Indian outfit, you have a great variety to choose from. You can go for the classic Kundan choker necklace, studded with different colored gemstones. You can try out the American diamond choker necklace, which looks like a diamond, without emptying your wallet. You can also stand out from the crowd by wearing a stunning silver choker necklace. Experiment with oxidized jewelry since that would give a cool, alternative look to your Indian outfit.

Styling Indian Choker Necklaces For The Traditional Look


Indian choker necklaces are perfect for giving you that regal, traditional look. You can experiment with a few designs to figure out what would give the perfect traditional look. Try out some polki and Kundan choker necklaces for the classic bridal look. You can also try out diamonds (or American diamonds, depending on the budget) since that would give the perfect classic look. You can also experiment with different colors, with green and red as traditional favorites. Imagine a Kundan choker necklace with emerald or scarlet stones studded in the layers. That would give the complete traditional Indian look!

How To Accessorize With Indian Choker Necklaces

Since choker necklaces would likely steal away all the attention with their beauty and elegance, you can keep the other accessories light. The choker necklace should be the showstopper! Keeping in mind the color and style of the choker necklace, go for jewelry pieces that would complement the choker and not take attention away from it. If you are wearing a diamond choker necklace, check out silver-colored dangly earrings and a diamond nose stud. If wearing a heavy Kundan choker necklace set, you can wear matching jhumkas. That would complete the traditional Indian look. Remember that the outfit would look great only if the color combinations are right and everything complements each other. So, choose pieces that would go along perfectly.

Tips For Choosing The Right Jewelry

Figure out your budget and preferred metal before you go on your shopping spree. If buying online, remember to read the reviews and product feedback thoroughly. Know your measurements, so you order the correct size. Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your neck, exactly where you would want your choker to sit. Now you have your exact size. Also, buy something that would go along with many of your other outfits so that it isn’t just a one-time purchase. Keeping all these things in mind, buy a stunning piece of jewelry for yourself. Happy shopping!