10 Strangest Things That Ever Found Underwater (Mysterious Discoveries)

The oceans and underwater have hid many inventions and strange things in its shores. People do search for strange things to appear from the bottom of the oceans. Many have been successful in finding mysterious discoveries under the sea. The discoveries from the sea keep on increasing day by day and it fascinates people every time. These things would have been found under the bottom of the sea because they would have not been in use or during wars and accidents, they would have gone underwater. Many researches are done on these things but many a times, no information are found about them.

Some of these strangest things are listed as under:

10. The Mythic Kraken

The Mythic Kraken

This is the weirdest discovery of underwater which has tentacles like that of a beast. These are giant squad that lived many years ago and many have seen these creatures on their voyage to the sea.

9. Lost Silver

Lost silver

In the Atlantic Ocean, silver worth 36 million were discovered and on investigation, it was found out that, the cargo ship was shipwrecked and the silver was carried in that cargo ship. About 20% of the silver was on board and the rest went underwater.

8. Jurassic Microbes

The microbes that belonged to the Jurassic Era were discovered in the year 2012. With nothing to eat in the depth of the Indian Ocean and not enough oxygen for them to survive, it is really surprising to find out that these microbes were alive even in that extreme condition. These are the oldest organisms ever lived on this planet.

7. New and old sharks

New and old sharks

A two month fishing expedition was conducted in the Indian Ocean which brought light to the many sharks found underwater. A shark ecology graduate found out a white shark and after study of the shark, he found out that the shark was of an ancient origin and one of the shark has serrated spine from the back. These sharks are creepy and they don’t look like the new ones. They are hard to study and understand and so it would be better if they stayed underwater.

6. Pirate ships and gunnery

Pirate ships and gunnery

Pirate ships were in use many million years ago and people thought it to have been disappeared. The Blackbeard who was a famous pirate was forced to sink his ship because of the extreme difficulties that he faced in the sea. Earlier guns were also pulled out of the sea and these guns weighed around 200 pounds and they were quite heavy.  These gunnery were used during wars in the olden days and all of these discoveries concluded in 2014. Twenty cannons have been found in depth of the ocean and they have been sent to be kept in the museums.

5. Lazarus fish

Lazarus fish

The Lazarus fish was expected to have been extinct 65 million years ago but the fishermen of Africa found one such fish when they spread their nets for their incomes. The next species of the same kind was found in Indonesia. But, the fish did not genetically resemble the earlier fish and the fish did not have value at all because the fish could not be eaten. People did not give much attention towards the fish in the later years.

4. Emeralds which are doomed

Emeralds which are doomed

Jay Miscovish got a treasure map from his friend and he went on to search for the ultimate treasure inside the ocean. In the Gulf of Florida, he found a fortune of emeralds which were shining and still in its proper shape. He found more than 80 pounds of emeralds and he was spell struck with the beauty of these emeralds. But, there was some sad news for the finder as with the federal investigation that he was dealing with, Jay Miscovish too his own life. Maybe, that would always remain a mystery as to why he did it.

3. An ancient city

An ancient city

How surprising it would be to find an ancient city right in the middle of the ocean?? Because of sea levels rising in certain parts, many cities lost their site and went underwater. Because of all the latest technologies used in today’s world, these cities have come into forefront. One example is the coast of Egypt. The city was known because of its wealth and importance and this have been known through the research done on the city. This city will never be able to recover from water but the discovery was done in 2000.

2. Apollo 11’s Engines

Apollo 11’s Engines

In the year 2013, the CEO of Amazon wanted to do something exciting and he went on for the discovery of Apollo 11’s engines. These engines have gone underwater and have been lying there since then. The artifacts were discovered in secret and it was hard to know that it was of a flight but then things became clear. The parts of the engine have been restored and kept at Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Centre.

1. Greek ancient computer

Greek ancient computer

The Greece’s ancient computer, known as Antithetical mechanism is one of the strangest thing found underwater but it is a unique innovation of the present times. This has been in water for centuries. People have not been able to find about the uses of the ancient computer but they believe that this computer was used as an analog computer because the design of the computer is quite complex. The mechanism is totally made in the gear style and the true function is yet a mystery to the people.

These are some of the strangest discoveries found underwater! More yet are being searched by the scientists.

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