Roti Restaurant in India

Roti restaurant of India is located in the centre of Lower Queen Anne, Seattle, dishing out reliable Indian cuisine. As shortly as you step into this far-famed eating place, Roti, you will be warmly welcomed by the owner, chef, and their hospitable staff.

Conventional Atmosphere

Roti is a bang-up family eating place. Conventional Indian pictures beautify the walls, tapestry clings from the ceiling, and Hindu gods and goddesses place in every nook of the room of this restaurant.

Roti Restaurant in India

Well, the prices of the menu are affordable for everyone. The prices may seem costly to a few people but they are actually not. You are able to check the prices of different type of menus here at They are dealing in most delicious and famous Indian food.  If you get a chance to visit the eating place you will surely enjoy the food.

Chinese Snacks

Chilli Paneer   ?187.60


Aloo Paratha    ?38.00

Gobi Paratha   ?41.25

Chicken Tikka  ?220.00

Tandoori Starters (Non Veg)

Tandoori Chicken        ?176.67


Onion Paratha ?41.67

Tandoori Starters (Veg)

Paneer Tikka    ?189.25

Salad aur Dahi ka Daur           

Plain Curd       ?38.00

Green Salad    ?71.33

Onion Salad     ?47.33

Veg Main Course

Kadhai Paneer  ?156.60

PaneerLababdar         ?146.67

Mushroom Masala     ?179.33

PaneerDopiaza            ?145.00

PalakPaneer    ?182.80

PaneerTikka Masala   ?267.00

Paneer Butter Masala            ?165.50

PaneerBhurji   ?191.80

Bhindi Masala             ?140.00

ShahiPaneer    ?167.75

MalaiKofta      ?196.20

MatarPaneer  ?158.00

Mix Veg           ?142.00

Chana Masala             ?135.67

Main Course (Non Veg)

Butter Chicken            ?233.75


Dal Fry             ?114.00

Dal Makhani   ?115.00

Dal Tadka        ?126.75


Fish Curry        ?323.33


Plain Rice        ?77.60

Jeera Rice       ?92.83

Veg Pulao        ?96.25


Plain Paratha  ?11.75


Veg Biryani     ?131.00

Rotiyo ka Nazrana

Tandoori Roti ?26.25

Butter Roti      ?20.40

LachhaParatha            ?29.00

Butter Naan    ?37.40

Garlic Naan     ?49.33

Plain Naan       ?108.33

Rumali Roti     ?12.33

Missi Roti        ?25.00

PaneerParatha            ?50.83

Chinese Veg

Veg Manchurian         ?161.50

Fried Rice

Veg Fried Rice             ?108.33

Egg Fried Rice             ?138.33

Chicken Fried Rice      ?155.00


Veg Noodles    ?138.00

Egg Noodles    ?135.00

Chicken Noodles         ?151.67

Roti restaurant in India cares for the complete balance of the factors with the Indian masala flavor, creating the advanced calorific value and generating the beneficial impact of the Indian apparent herbs utilized for cooking. They reproduce the Indian taste at the eating place, Roti Cuisine Of India. You can visit, like, eat, remark, and relish the Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.