Top 10 Qualities of a Good Teacher

What makes a good teacher? I always thought of this, once, when I was graduated from college. But, I have always failed to find the best answer. Good teachers are as different as the students they teach.

I have seen teachers, who dedicate their personal time to prepare for the classes, and I have seen teachers who, if given five minutes before a class, would just take a glance at a specific topic and they can keep teaching for hours no matter what the topic is.

However, there are some common qualities every good teacher I met always possessed. The qualities that molded me into what I am today. So, what makes a great teacher? Here we go,

1. Passion for their teaching profession


Most of the teachers out there are passionate to what they do and this reflects very much in their mode of teaching. The more passionate about what people do the better the results they can produce. To be frank, most of my teachers were passionate and so I could understand and grasp everything they used to lecture on. This is very important because, it not about attending a class for hours, it is about how effective the class is and how much a student can grasp within the time allocated.

2. Friendliness

This one of the most important quality a teacher should have. Being friendlier creates a confidence in students that they can share their problems and ask for solutions without any hesitation. I have seen some students being afraid of their teachers and some teachers treat the student as an enemy, with this type of mentality students and teachers can never be close, which can affect the process of gaining more knowledge through clarifying their doubts.

3. Deep knowledge

“A teacher is only as good as his/her knowledge is” this is an old saying which means that a teacher and his/her knowledge are very important when it comes to teaching the students. If the teacher lacks the knowledge on what they teach, how good can they be? So, it is very important that a teacher should have the maximum possible knowledge on what they teach and should be educated.

4. A good teacher ends up setting up high expectation for all students

A good teacher knows the fact that their expectation for their students greatly affects the student’s achievement; they know that the students always try to impress the teachers as much or as little as what is expected from them. So, a good teacher should always be able expect the best from the students and the students should be made aware of what is expected from them according to their potential.

5. Has high patience

We know that patience is a virtue. One of the most important and basic quality a teacher must possess is patience. A good teacher is very patient with their students as well as their parents and can deal with the same issues and questions over and over again without losing the temper. Being patient with students also helps to create a good ambient environment for quality education

6. Cares about students

To students, a teacher should be caring no matter what their marks are or where they come from. Each and every student should be treated equally and should feel free to share their problems/issues and maybe even share their funny stories. Good teachers are great listeners and they make time to listen to each and every student.

7. Always being organized

Teachers are role models to the students, every teacher should keep themselves organized and prepared for their classes. The lessons should be clearly structured and the students should be able to follow it easily. A great teacher is well organized and prepared that he/she does not has to spend time searching for their teaching material/specific topic notes which can distract the class.

8. A good teacher is always a skilled leader

A good teacher always focuses on shared decision-making and coordinates students for teamwork. They teach the students how important the leadership quality is and provide them opportunities to assume leadership roles at different levels. A good leadership skill can always help the students be successful and independent as well as team working.

9. A good teacher always finds a way to make the student understand

A good teacher is someone who is flexible and can find out why the specific method of teaching is not working. This teacher spends his/her time to understand the students concern about the specific mode of teaching and then improvise accordingly so that the students can understand. I once had a teacher who took teaching mathematics to a whole new level, when the students told him that they couldn’t understand what the topic concept was.

10. Understand the importance of education in a student’s life

A good teacher understands the importance of school and college in a student’s life. A good teacher realizes the fact that everything that a student learns in his school or college life is just the foundation for their future and a good foundation is always laid by the best teachers.

While teaching is a talent that comes naturally to some people, other  shave to work hard to be a good teacher. Remember the fact; you are a good teacher only if the students you taught once remember you as the role models and as an important person that laid the foundation for their success.