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The first episodes of a number of brand-new television programmes are set to air in the not-too-distant future. For instance, Sony SAB is indeed a channel that exclusively broadcasts comedies and dramas with a lighthearted tone. The station broadcasts nothing except programming that is intended for families to watch together.

The production of a brand-new show has recently begun, and the channel is working hard to have everything ready for its debut. The illustrious TV producer & actor JD Majethia is currently working on a brand-new program that will debut in the very near future. Pushpa Impossible made its debut on June 6th, 2022 and it is a must watch show.

Pushpa Impossible

The show Pushpa Impossible will feature prominent performances from actors such as Karuna Pandey and Naveen Pandita in pivotal parts.

It will make its debut during the months of May and June with an intriguing storyline, and it will show a contemporary take on the life of a mother living in an Indian home.


The movie Pushpa Impossible is about an Indian woman named Pushpa who is responsible for taking care of the family.

Pushpa is a demanding mother who resorts to humorous strategies in order to maintain control over her offspring.

Her offspring are well aware that they cannot keep anything a secret for very long while they are in the company of Pushpa.

The cruel and authoritative picture of Pushpa is intended to demonstrate that mothers are the most astute and intelligent people in the entire universe.

Pushpa interrogates her offspring in front of others on a daily basis, leading the children to wonder what it is that makes a mother so appealing.

In Pushpa Impossible, you will discover a mother who is aware of how to handle her modern children as well as their online profile across various social media platforms.

Given that Pushpa’s mom is familiar with the ins & outs of social networks, it should be fascinating to see how she deals with the challenges that are faced by parents and children in today’s society.

This new drama on Sab TV, which stars a terrible mother who punishes her kids in the most peculiar manner, is sure to attract huge ratings because of the show’s main character.

As a consequence of the show, the TRP ratings are anticipated to be decent, and the audience will be wallowing in waves of laughter.

The entertaining premise of Pushpa Impossible is sure to keep viewers interested in the show’s progression.


The show will be telecasted at 9:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

Cast Names

  • Naveen Pandit
  • Deshna Dugad
  • Garima Parihar
  • Karuna Pandey
  • Darshan Gurjar
  • Bhakti Rathod

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