Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Yoga

So before we go onto the advantages and disadvantages of yoga.  We will make sure that you correctly understand what a yoga is and how effective it is in real life.

So what is yoga?

Yoga is a 10000 year old practice, which involves many complex physical movements such as stretch, flex and spin on order to gain both physical and mental improvement.  It elevates both mental and emotional intelligence and is not solely used for weight loss or other physical aspect.

So what are the pros and cons?

Now as you have a general idea on what a yoga is and what it does to a body, we can go and discuss more about its pros and cons. We will see in this article how yoga can help you to make your skin glow and give you a calming, peaceful soul. We will also see the untold and unspoken disadvantages that a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh have to undergo.

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So first let’s look at the advantages of yoga.


  • Improve relationships: Yoga helps to calm your mind, and help you to relax and be happy all the time. A relaxed mind and happy mood does not damage any relationship. If possible, you can elevate and do good for the relationships. With calmer and peaceful mind you tend to create a good and strong bond with your friends, families and spouses.
  • Eliminate pain: Now a lot of doctors and physical practitioners recommend the method of practicing yoga every morning to their patients who are suffering from immense body pain. There are a lot of yoga movements and each one of them concentrates and focuses on different body parts of a human body. So if you have pain somewhere in your body, then don’t worry there is yoga movement to solve that.
  • Improvement in strength and flexibility: This is one obvious advantage of practicing yoga. Different moves and stretching that you do with yoga can turn any rigid and inflexible body to flow like water. This flexibility that you acquire with yoga moves makes you more stronger and powerful.
  • Weight loss: Yoga also have some moves to reduce your weight. The popular and widely used yoga practices such as sun salutations and KapalBhati can help you to lose weight fast and easily. With yoga you also acquire the ability to eat less and be sensitive and cautious about what goes into your mouth. This means less addiction towards junk food and eating more healthy greens.
  • Stress buster: Performing yoga for even 20 minutes can make a great difference in your life. Performing yoga in the morning helps you to clean your mind from all tension and stress from the previous day and helps you to go out with a fresh and clean mind.

So now as we have seen some of the advantages of yoga, it is time to look at the less popular and less spoken disadvantages that comes with performing yoga.’


  • High cost: The main disadvantage of yoga is that studying and training for it is not cheap. Joining a yoga class or hiring a yoga trainer can make a significant hole in your pocket. It does not end there. To perform yoga the way it was meant to be, you would have to buy carriers, clothes, blocks, mats and other accessories.
  • Finding the right trainer: There are no laws or rules when it comes to yoga. No one including the government has any control on yoga and its practice. So when you are looking for a trainer, you would have to hire him blindly. There are certificates or awards for yoga. So if he shows you some, they are made up. Only thing for you to do is to do a background check and reading testimonials. But this means more waste of time, energy and money.
  • Types of trainers: Yoga are performed by a number of people for different reasons. There are a lot of yoga movements and one is not needed to follow and perform everything. According to the need they have to perform only a hand full. From losing weight and getting stronger to improving mental and emotional quotient there are tons of reasons why a person would decide to join yoga. So it is another challenge for you to find the right type of trainer. If the trainer that you have hired does not have enough knowledge and experience in that particular field, then he may end up teaching you wrongly or something that is completely different from the original one. This way you will not see any result and you will most probably end up hating yoga and think that is another fake gimmick for making money like the thousands of others who already do.

So we are wrapping up this article and we hope that you got a clear understanding of what a yoga is and what does it do. By reading the pros and cons of it, now you can decide yourself whether to perform and follow yoga or not .

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