Top 10 Most Smoking Countries in the World

Health and illness is something that we have no control over, isn’t that what you believe in? Well, think a litter deeper and you shall be amazed to find out that not always illness comes out as a surprise to you. Some situations and illnesses are invited upon yourself by your own such as- smoking! Smoking is the reason behind a thousand serious situations in the world. The greatest one of them is illness that it brings to the mankind and environmental damage.

For years and years we have been listening about governments from all over the world and the measure they have taken against the worsening condition of smoking, yet smokers have found their own sweet will to continue doing what they do best- SMOKING! Today we have created a list of 10 countries which are known to be the highest smoking countries of the world.

10. Montenegro

Montenegro has a per capita cigarette consumption of about 2,157. Montenegro has changed the most common trend of cigarette consumption and smoking status in the world. Earlier it was a general thought that only the countries with high per capita income used to have citizens with a greater number of smokers and smoking societies. But Montenegro is a moderate yet low-income country and still on the tenth spot of a list containing highest smoking countries. The targeted marketing schemes and increase in immigration from richer countries are believed to be a lesser known fact behind Montenegro and its increase in number if smoking citizens. As for the economic front of the country, it is steady yet growing which has played an important role in creating a shift towards rather high standards of living in the country which obviously includes smoking.

9. Belarus

With 2,266 units of per capita cigarette consumption, Belarus is on ninth position. The cigarette consumption in Belarus raised by a striking percentage of 57% around the same time when citizens of Europe decreased their cigarette consumption by 20%. This greatest shift of smoking in Belarus happened between 1990 and 2009. These two decades have almost tripled up the number of citizens in Belarus. The most shocking fact to know is that one-third of the smokers in Belarus are below the age of 18. The trend is such that its citizens would prefer smoking during a fatal heat wave than quit and sit by a fountain.

8. Bosnia-Herzegovina

According to status from, the shift of smokers in the world from past two decades has been very unfortunate and shocking. What earlier used to be a rich people’s aficionado is now an increasing obsession of the low-income countries such as Bosnia. It has per capita cigarette consumption of 2,278 units. However, among the increasing number of smokers in Bosnia mostly are teenagers. This is a threat to the welfare of future of Bosnia for most of its upcoming generation is indulged in smoking which undoubtedly decreases the age of a person’s life.

7. Slovenia

According to an estimate, more than six trillion cigarettes are smoked in Slovenia every year. This number is only expected to increase with every coming year, let along quitting cigarette smoking. Slovenia has a per capita cigarette consumption of 2,369 which is hazardously increasing every passing day. This country looks like a Disney movie set with grand castle-like buildings and high standard of living. Maybe this is the fact and the reason behind increasing number of smokers in Slovenia. Whatever the condition might be, if the situation continues to be as it is now, the country might dissolve away in the ashes of cigarettes.

6. Ukraine

Ukraine does not have the image of the best country in the world. The standard of living in Ukraine is not very favorable to provide healthy and basic living conditions for a citizen yet the number of cigarette smokers are ever increasing and putting their lives at a greater risk. According to a survey, people would prefer smoking a cigarette than eating food in Ukraine. As much as Ukraine is getting wasted away in a continuous state of wars and terrorism, as much are its citizens getting wasted away by smoking cigarettes? Per capita, smoke consumption in Ukraine is almost about 2,401 units.

5. Moldova

If you have watched the Hollywood movies from the 1980’s and looked at the symmetrical country and old school cars, well that is what Moldova looks like in real life. It is a healthy looking country with a moderate standard of life yet what makes it the worst is the part that it is one of the world’s most smoking countries. It has a per capita consumption of around 2,479 units of smoke per annum. This is one of least traveled countries in the world, that is why it is hard to identify how come this country got influenced by the western culture of heavy smoking.

4. Russia

Russia is a world power and also one id the richest countries in the world. It is believed that smoking has been an ancient hobby of the Russians and their ancestors. Russia occupies almost 2,786 units of per capita smoke every year. It is believed that if the recent trends continue to go with the same pace as they are right now, then Russia could become world’s most smoking country ever. The reason behind this prediction is its increasing population.

3. Greece

As much beautiful as Greece is, as much the citizens of Greece smoke cigarette and rat their lungs. It is a hurtful sight to look at when you see the beautiful landscape of Greece, the blue skies and waters along with white houses on one hand and on the other is every citizen smoking a cigarette. According to a survey, one hardly ever stops smoking cigarette in Greece for their entire lifetime. The per capita smoke consumption in Greece is about 2,795 which are expected to grow even more quickly.

2. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a very rich and beautiful country which is known to the world for having the most sought-after investor’s visa program. But besides its economic growth, people of Bulgaria stand on the second position for smoking maximum cigarettes in the world. They consume almost 2,822 units of smoke per capita every year.

1. Serbia

Most Smoking Country

It is hard to imagine a Serbian citizen without a cigarette in their hands. Even after strictest anti-smoke measures by the Serbian government in 2010, yet it has not been used because we are in 2018 and Serbia is world’s most smoking country with a per capita consumption of 2,861 units.