Top 10 Most Endangered Plants on our Earth

An endangered species is a kind of species which are more likely to become extinct. A recent study made by the International Union for the conservation of Nature has revealed that 17% of all evaluated plants are listed as endangered. It has listed 3654 endangered plant species. On top of that, it has listed 101 species and 99 subspecies as endangered. IUCN will consider species as endangered based on some criteria designed by taxa. If a plant faces “very high risk of extinction, it falls under the category of endangered species. Also, IUCN has stated that more than 6147 plants are in the risk of extinction. In fact, they are critically endangered.

Further, IUCN has listed 1674 plant species as data deficient, which means there is no sufficient information for the detailed research of this plant. The populations of these endangered species are more likely to be threatened. It doesn’t eliminate the uncertainty of cultivating new species.

In this article, we will show you the top 10 most endangered plant species.

10. Monkey Puzzle Tree

Monkey Puzzle Tree

Monkey Puzzle Tree features as the 10th most engendered plants in the world. It is one of the ancient plants, which is at the risk of extinction. The leaves are of sharp triangular shapes. It is the nationwide tree in Chile. Money Puzzle Tree is widely cultivated across the world. It is the national tree of Chile. However, it is found in chile & western Africa.It is known as living fossil due to the longevity of the species. Due to the dwindling population, it is the risk of extinction.

9. Bois Dentelle

Bois Dentelle

At number 9, we have Bois Dentelle in this list. Bois Dentelle is a wonderful tree, which is rare and cannot be seen everywhere. It is found in the forest of Mauritius. It admires everyone by its beautiful white flower. Unfortunately, it falls under the curse of top 10 most endangered species.

8. Dragon Tree

dragon tree

The Dragon Tree is a peculiar & astonishing tree, which is 2000, years old. The 40 different species of this tree is widely cultivated across the world. The dragon tree belongs to Africa. It has the name Dragon tree but it is quite small.

7. Baseball plant

At number 7, we have Baseball plant in this list. Baseball is a strong plant, which is often used in decoration things. However, this plant is also in the danger of extinction due to the increasing usage of this plant. The environmental destruction is also the major reason behind the decreasing population rate of Baseball plant.  It is a popular houseplant, which can be seen in someone’s garden and park. Due to poaching and over-collection, it is endangered. Unfortunately, the pod of baseball plant contains only 2 or 3 seeds. Hence, it is difficult to cultivate this plant.

6. Green Pitcher plant

Green Pitcher plant

At number 6, we have Green pitcher plant on this list of top 10 most endangered species. It is one of the weirdest plants, which is in danger of extinction. It is a special herb that belongs to South Carolina and Georgia. Also, it is found in some regions of Southern United States. When an insect makes contact with the leaves, it attracts it using the disgusting order. It is the danger of extinction. The population of this species has been decreasing constantly. If this plant is not properly cared, it will be lost in next ten years.

5. Rafflesia


Rafflesia is an extraordinary flower that attracts some ample folks. The native of this particular plant is southeastern Asia. It is usually found in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and some part in India. It was discovered by Louis Deschamps in the year 1794. This attractive plant is born with flesh like the leaf that induces disgusting order. With this odor, anyone can easily address this plant. It has no leaves, stem or true roots. It is just a five-petalled flower, hence the name Rafflesia. The weight is up to 10kgms and width up to 100 cm.

4. Welwitschia Mirabilis

Welwitschia Mirabilis

At number 4, we have Welwitschia Mirabilis on this list. It is a kind of strange plant, which is at the risk of extinction. In fact, this species will be lost in the upcoming years. The lifespan of this beautiful plant is more than a millennium, but it is gradually more in the danger of endangered species. It is the medium-sized plant with just two leaves. As soon as the plant grows, the leaves turn and twist. The height is about 6 feet. This strange and fascinating plant belongs to Africa.

3. Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap is an astonishing insect-plant, which is also known as Mini Monster. In fact, school students will be familiar with this plant. It is neither plant nor animal. Hence, it is a type of carnivorous organism that usually fed on the insects and microorganism. It is highly endangered. It belongs to the United States in North Carolina & South Carolina. They have some kind of terminal portion on its leaves, which forms a trapping structure. It easily catches its prey by inducing tiny hairs on the trapping structure.

2. Cork


At number 2, we have cork on this list of top 10 most endangered plants in the world. Cork is a beautiful plant, which is the sort of oak. The botanical name of this plant is Quercus sect, which is a medium sized oak tree. It is used for making cricket balls and cork flooring. Apart from that, it is used for making wine bottles. The native of cork is south-west Europe & north-west Africa.

It is the rich source of oak from which wines are prepared. With the increasing consumption of wine, the usage of cork plant is also increasing constantly. Hence, cork is in the danger of extinction. A recent study has revealed that this plant is going to be disappeared in the next ten years.

1. Baobab Tree

Baobab Tree

Baobab Tree is the most endangered species in the world. It belongs to equatorial Africa but usually found in India. It is gradually more in danger of extinction. The baobab fruit is very delicious and is safe to eat. Hence, people would like to eat this fruit, which is called as monkey fruit. Also, the barks & base of baobab tree is very useful in constructing home & buildings.

Plants are the main source of food and life. Life is nothing without plants and trees. It is the responsibility of everyone to take serious steps to take care of such engendered species.