Traditional Dress of Chhattisgarh [For Men & Women]

The east-central Indian state, Chhattisgarh is gifted with a heritage, rich culture and enchanting scenic natural scenery and is situated in the heart of India. Be it lush green forests, widest waterfalls, rare wildlife, ancient monuments, exquisitely winding temples, hilly plateaus or Buddhist sites, Chhattisgarh has it all.

The state is famous for its handicraft products, heritage, culture, and even dressing style. When it comes to traditional wear, people here are crazy about the colourful outfits that add a vibrant touch. Dresses are made here using different fabrics like silk, cotton and linen. The artisans of Chhattisgarh have learned many cloth-making techniques from their native and neighbouring states.

Bright colours are found in the traditional clothes worn by tribal men while in urban areas men prefer shirts and trousers and salwars and saris are worn by women. In this article, we are going you to tell more about the traditional dresses of Chhattisgarh men and women.

Traditional Dress for Women in Chhattisgarh

Traditional Dress for Women in Chhattisgarh

In Chhattisgarh, women prefer to wear colourful dresses and sarees. Women in this state wear dresses up to knee length. Women’s traditional clothing is made using a variety of fabrics, including linen and silk materials.

Although some women wear dye and tie material fabric, which is called batik. Even many women of this state do this business, and the products designed by them are sold in different parts of India. The costume they wear is very attractive and unique. Women during tribal festivals are seen in highly garnish attires with striking features and vibrant colours.

Here women are well known for wearing a Saree, known as Lugda in Kachhora style, which complements the blouse called Polkha. Lugda is made using cotton fibres or linen silk. The sarees has worn by women typically die with red and green colours.

During weddings or festivals, they prefer to wear Lehengas made of silk material. They are embellished with some unique looks & designs. To complement the overall look, they wear accessories made of bronze and silver material. During the wedding ceremonies, they wear Kadhah and other ornaments.

The women belong to different tribes also fond of different kinds of jewellery, which is made up of numerous types of metals, glass articles, wooden articles, etc. Accessories include silver ghunghrus, neckpieces made of metal casts, and chunky wooden bangles adorned by the tribal women in Chhattisgarh. In essence, women here love wearing full-length or knee-length sarees in vibrant colours.

Traditional Dress for Men in Chhattisgarh

Due to the presence of tribal caste, most people in this state prefer to wear a cloth around the waist around. In this state, men wear Kurtas and Dhotis, while some prefer wearing Pajamas and Kurtas. On occasion or celebrations, men put feathers on their hands to represent their traditional dance and local culture.

Tribal men in this state also wear earrings and bangles like tribal women. All accessories they wear are made of bronze and silver. During any cultural events like Pujas, you will notice men wearing headgear on their heads. This headgear is a white cloth which is made of cotton fabric. Men belonging to tribal groups, such as Abhuj Marias, Ghotuls, Halbas, Murias, etc wear dhotis and headgears to protect themselves from the harsh sun during the day.


Accessories are an essential part of Chhattisgarh’s dressing style. They feel confident and pretty which is why they wear accessories on every occasion. Tribal costume accessories are made of metals, wooden, or silver stones.


The locals of this state are very costmary and traditional. The accessories and traditional attires they wear the symbol of authenticity and love toward their heritage and culture.

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