How to Get Medical Certificate (Rules and Regulations)

You do not need to have a Medical Certificate for most of the things but there are certain cases when you might be asked to submit a Medical Certificate. For example, you would need Medical Certificate while applying for the Visa of some of the countries. You might also need a medical certificate while applying for government jobs.

Apart from the cases mentioned above, you might need it for some other task as well. The thing is that you can’t get Medical Certificate Issued via Online Procedure as the doctor would have to inspect your health condition before issuing you a medical certificate.

In this article, we have shared a brief idea about getting the medical Certificate issued for yourself and you can follow the process listed below to obtain one.

Steps to Get Medical Certificate

  • You can visit the nearest government hospital or primary health centre in order to get the medical certificate issued.
  • Once you are there, you can speak to the attendant at the reception for obtaining a medical certificate and the attendant will help you in booking the appointment.
  • After the payment of the fee, you will be able to visit the doctor and the doctor will inspect your fitness along with vitals and issue you a medical certificate.

Medical Certificate

It should be noted that if the institute that needs a medical certificate is particularly demanding it from a specific center then you must only visit the center mentioned by the institute to obtain the medical certificate.This is mostly true in case of Visa Application and PR Applications.