Kaamnaa Sony TV Serial Wiki, Story, Timing, Cast Real Names

Kaamnaa is an Indian television show shown on Sony SAB TV. This serial started its journey in November 2021. It has an excellent star cast because many people are interested on this show. The serial starts with manav a Government police officer who has a wife named Akansha. She has never-ending needs. It was released under Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment. The serial has gained good popularity because of its star cast. Many people do not love to miss any of the episodes of this serial.


The story of this show is all about a middle-class Indian family in which Manav is a Government police officer. He has a wife, Akansha, who carries different ideologies and thoughts from Manav. They do not have any similarities in any respect. It is known from several sources that Manav Gohil will be seen acting in this serial. Viewers are eagerly waiting  glimpse of Manav Gohil after a long time.



You will love to know about the actual plot of the serial. It is a story of a middle-class family in which Manav works as a Government Police officer. He has limited income. But his wife Akansha has big dreams. She carries different thoughts and ideologies, which are different from Manav. However, Manav always tries to adjust and compromise with his wife. They have a son. You will find Manav Gohil in this serial. She has some big dreams which are impossible for Manav to fulfill. Here comes the problem. You will feel excited to know about each episode of this serial. Akansha hesitates to live a simple life with small earnings. She always follows her neighbors and their lifestyles. This makes the difference. Even her son Yatharth is well aware about her mother’s demands and wishes. But Manav always try to control her demand. He has a different thought that makes the difference between the two. This story of this serial is excellent for which people over it.


The show will be available on television every day from Monday to Friday at 8.30 PM. The duration of the show is thirty minutes. You can get the repeat telecast of this serial in Disney Hotstar.


This serial is well-known for its fantastic star casts. Let us explore it.

  • Abhishek Rawat as Manav Bajpayee. He is the leading character of this serial. He has a wife and a son. He plays the role of a police officer in this show.
  • Chandni Sharma as Akansha Bajpayee. She plays the lead role in this serial. She plays the wife of Manav. She is a lady with high aspirations and dreams.
  • Tanmay Rishi Shah as Yatharth Bajpayee. He plays the role of Manav and Akansha’s son. He is doing a great job in this serial.
  • Manav Gohil as Vaibhav Kapoor. He will be seen after a long time in this show.
  • Tasneem Ali as Swati. She is also playing a good role in this show.
  • Ashwin Kaushal as Kaushal.

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