Maddam Sir Sony SAB TV Serial Wiki, Story, Timing, Cast Real Names

Maddam Sir is an Indian television serial that started on 21st February 2001. Jay Mehta produced this serial. It is shown on Sony SAB TV. You will love to watch this serial on this channel. The serial is produced under Jay Production. The story is about four female police officers who work in a police station. A prisoner named Billu helps these four officers. He now acts as a spy for them. The four police officers have different mentalities and state of mind. You will love to watch all the episodes of this show.


This serial is all about four female officers named SHO Haseena Mallik, SI Karishma Singh, Head Constable Pushpa Singh, and Constable Santosh Singh and Cheetah Chaturvedi. A prisoner turned spy Billu Champat helps them in their work. The show is full of exciting episodes. If you miss it, it will be a bit of bad luck. Further, Karishma Singh is transferred to Janakipuram as Bulbul Pandey is unwell. In this thana, she will face numerous issues because most of them are men and they do not show minimum respect. Later she manages the situation.

Maddam Sir


The lead role of this serial is Karishma Singh a police officer. In this season, you will find that Karishma Singh has been posted to Janakipuram as Bulbul Pandey was unwell. When she first came to this thana, she got disappointed because of the other police men’ behavior. They are rude and do not show respect. However, Karishma managed the situation. After a few weeks, when Bulbul Pandey recovered, he was transferred to the Mahila Thana. He tries to create a rift between Haseena and Karishma. He does so by leaking trimmed audio of Haseena in which she makes unwanted statements about Karishma.

After some time, Karishma revealed the truth and their misunderstanding was cleared. Thus, each episode of this serial is happening.


The serial is aired on Sony SAB TV every day from Monday to Friday at 10.00 PM. You can catch the repeat telecast on the Disney channel.


Now you will come to know about the actual names of the casts of this serial.

  • Gulki Joshi as Haseena Mallik. She plays a lead role in this serial. She handles almost all the cases with intelligence and emotions.
  • Yukti Kapoor as Karishma Singh. She is the leading character of this serial a good friend of Haseena Mallik. She plays the role of the daughter-in-law of Pushpa Singh.
  • Sonali Pandit Naik as Pushpa Singh. She is the head constable and oldest member of this Mahila thana. She is the mother-in-law of Karishma Singh.
  • Bhavika Sharma as Santosh Sharma. She plays the role of cybercrime specialist. She is also the charge of the cyber crime department of this thana.
  • Ajay Yadav as Billu Champat. He plays the role of spy in this serial. Earlier, he was the prisoner in this thana. His role is to help the female police officers in this thana with all relevant information.

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