How to Check My Income Tax Refund Status?

Most of us end up paying a higher tax during the year. This is mainly because we do not claim rebate or we do not enter the details of the deduction at starting of the year. The impact of not entering those details is the higher tax deduction.

Also, a lot of people make investments at end of the financial year and hence they would like to claim the tax benefits for the investments, medical bills and other such items from the income tax already paid.

Getting Income Tax Refund

For getting a refund, you need to file ITR and this basically helps you in claiming the refund of the excess tax that you have paid. Once you file the ITR, the tax will be calculated for you and based on that, the excess will be refunded back to you. You will also receive intimation from the income tax department under the section 143 of Income Tax Act.

As you might know, the income tax refund is processed with help of the State Bank of India. Earlier, people used to get a cheque to claim a refund but now, people get the refund via electronic payment. If you were also eligible for an Income Tax Refund and if you haven’t claimed the refund yet then you can check the status of your Income Tax Refund Online. In this article, we have listed the steps to check the status of Income Tax Refund.

Checking Income Tax Refund Status

There are two ways to check the income tax refund. Here are the details of both the methods.

Checking Income Tax Refund Status via TIN NSDL Website

We are first going to talk about claiming income tax refund via TIN NSDL Website. This process is easy but it should be noted that the refund status is updated on this website only after 10 days from the date when the refund instructions are sent to the Bank. Below is the process to check Income Tax Refund Status via TIN NSDL Website

IncomeTax Refund Status

  • On this page, you will be asked to enter the PAN Details. Hence enter the PAN Details and at the same time, also select the assessment year for which you would like to check the refund status.
  • Click on the Submit button after entering the captcha code and the status will then be displayed on your screen

Checking Income Tax Refund Status via Income Tax e-filing Website

We have discussed the process to check the income tax refund status via TIN NSDL website. Let us now talk about the process to check the income tax refund status via Income Tax e-filling website

  • To check the refund status via Income Tax e-Filing Website, visit the portal and the link to the portal is
  • Once the website is displayed, click on Login Here button and Login to your account using your PAN Number, Password and Date of Birth. You would also have to enter the Captcha Code here.
  • After logging in, you will be directed to the dashboard of your account. From the top menu bar, click on View Returns/Forms and select Income Tax Returns from the list of options displayed.
  • In this step, you need to select the assessment year and once that is entered, the acknowledgement number will be displayed. Click on the acknowledgement number and a pop-up window will be displayed which will have all the details of the ITR along with the status of the ITR.

If the status of the ITR is Expired, Refund Returned, Processed but Failed or anything else apart from Successful then there had been an issue with the Refund and in such a case, you need to get in touch with the Income Tax Department to request a re-issue or to get the details of the failure.

If the ITR failed because of the wrong account details then you can also go ahead and request a re-issue of refund with help of Income Tax e-Filing Website.

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