How to Write a Request Letter to Bank Manager for Reversal of Charges

In this era of modern banking, there are several types of charges that you may come across on your bank account. Some of these charges are the ones which you really know about while there are other charges which you do not know about. It is fine to pay the charges for which you have availed the services but what do you do with the charges which were not authorized by you? This can also be true for a credit card charge or any other type of charge.

Well, do not worry, you will not lose your money easily and the fact is that there is a way to get the charges reversed. Now,to be honest, there are two ways to request a reversal of charge and we are going to talk about both the ways here. You can find the details below for the same.

Alternative 1 – Phone Banking

The first way for the reversal of charges is to call the phone banking and explain them the situation or the reason why the charges should be cancelled. This is quite an easy thing to do and the agent on the phone will take your request after checking the information associated with your account.

Once the agent takes your request, he will be giving you a complaint number or the request number. On receiving the request, the bank will process the request and it may choose to accept the reversal or reject the reversal of the charges. If the request has been accepted then that is well and good. If it has not been accepted then you can choose to write to the bank manager.

In the next section, we have listed the steps and the format of a letter that you can write to the bank manager for reversal of charges. This is more of an escalation process after your request has been denied via phone.

Alternative 2 – Writing a Letter to Bank Manager

If your request is not addressed over the phone and if you are not happy about it then you can write a letter to the bank manager for the same. This will help you with the escalation process.

Here is a sample of application that you can write. Simply replace the Information in Bold and write your own application.


The Branch Manager

ABC Bank,
Andheri East,

25 March 2019


Subject: Reversal of XYZ Charges on the Account number 999111223999229

I Abhay Sharma with account number 999111223999229 in your bank would like to request you to reverse the XYZ Charges on my account which were charged on the date 20 March 2019.

The reason why I would like to request a reversal of the charge is that I was not informed about the XYZ charges for ABC Services and in such a case, I have to bear the loss of Rs XX.

I request you to please look into the issue and reverse the charges on my account. I will be highly grateful to you.

Thanking You
Yours truly

Abhay Sharma
Contact Number


This was the sample of the application that you can write. If you believe that you are still not happy with the resolution offered by the Bank Manager then you can escalate the issue higher. The next level of escalation can be Nodal Officer of the Bank and if you are still not happy with the bank’s resolution then you can also reach out to Banking Ombudsmen to get a resolution of the issue.

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