How To Store Fruits and Vegetables in Fridge

For leading a healthy and beautiful life, eating healthy food is the key. Vegetables and fruits are the main source of nutrients that your body can get. If you have a fresh garden, you can pluck your vegetables and fruits from the garden whenever you need to use them. But not many of them have gardens at home and rely on the markets to get them. We all tend to buy vegetables and fruits in bulk so that we do not need to visit the market daily. So, to keep them fresh, storing is important. We store them in refrigerator to keep them fresh for long. If we simply place them in fridge, they are not going to stay fresh for lofng. You need to know how to store them. In this article, we are going to tell you the exact same thing about how to store vegetables and fruits in fridge. Read through to get amazing tips and keep your items from market as fresh as possible.

store fruits and vegetables in Fridge

=> Before storing the fruits and vegetable in fridge, you need to sort them out separating them and also throw away any damaged one that might get mixed. Once they are sorted, just wash them to clear of the pesticides that farmers use to spray on them. Later, dry them and use dedicated zipper or cotton bags to store them.

=> For the vegetables cabbage, broccoli, beans and cauliflower make sure to make them into pieces and store in a air tight container. You can store them for 2 or 3 days. These vegetables absorb flavors in the fridge. So, they should be always stored closely to not get in contact with other flavors. If you want to keep them as whole before using, you can store them in cotton bag or perforated plastic bag.

=> Carrots, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, beetroot, or radish quickly become dry as they lose moisture. To keep them fresh, remove the tops of the vegetables and wrap them up in a damp cotton towel keeping their skin intact. Whenever you are ready to use them, then you can peel of their skin and use. Remember to not store these roots in a tight container.

=> Another type of vegetables that quickly lose their freshness is the green leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, spring onion, mint and others. They should be used within a day or two of purchasing. For storing them long, you need to separate their leaves, roots and stem. Clean the leaves gently with paper towel and wrap them up in a cotton towel. Place this in a perforated zipper bag. This keeps the moisture within them and keep them fresh. Be sure to wash them before you are using them.

=> Sprouts are one another vegetable that require proper storage. When you get them from market, just wash them to remove roots. Take a wet cotton towel to place these sprouts in the towel. Place the towel with sprouts in a perforated bag. This ensures to keep your sprouts fresh for several days.

=> Ginger and garlic is almost used by everyone at least twice a week. These need to be stored properly to not lose their nutrients from drying out. To store them, peel their skin and store the pieces in a tight container. This way they remain fresh and don’t lose their nutrients.

=> Drumsticks, peppers and pumpkin need to be cut into pieces and then stored in a airtight containers. Place them in refrigerator and they will be fresh for a week.

=> Fruits like grapes and cherries need to be checked first for their skin. This lets you know when they are going to get spoiled. Before storing, you need to wash and dry them and place them in a zipper bag which is perforated. These can stay fresh up to a week and you need to wash them again before eating.

=> Some fruits like peaches, apple, figs, plums and pears need to be placed in a paper bag and then stored in a dry and dark place. Apple and pears emit ethylene gas which affect the other fruits and vegetables. So, be careful while storing them and place them in the highest shelf.

=> To store berries in the fridge, you need to wash them in hot water, dry them and place them in perforated paper bag. These can be consumed within 2 or 3 days.

=> Pineapple is another common fruit that people buy and store them in a fridge. You need to be careful with this fruit. If you cut a slice and want to store it, you cannot as it will get spoiled immediately. If at all you want to store it, you need to place it in fridge as a whole.

These are the ways that you need to store your fruits and vegetables in refrigerator to keep them fresh until use.

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