How To Register Or Change Mobile Number In ICICI Bank?

Nowadays, registering a mobile phone number with a bank is a critical step. A bank-registered mobile phone number offers a slew of advantages, including enhanced security and protection against unauthorized access to bank account information.

The process of registering or changing a mobile number at an ICICI bank is no longer complicated and can be completed without ever having to set foot inside a branch office.

We now have a greater number of ATMs. ATMs allow us to withdraw money at any time, without ever having to go to the bank. A few simple steps are required to register or change a mobile phone number.

How to change or register a phone number through ICICI ATM

  • Insert your debit card into the ATM, and then enter the four-digit pin code on the card.
  • Several options will be presented to you on a screen.
  • Even so, we’ll have to go through a few more steps to register our mobile number. To proceed, you must enter the registration number and then click on yes again, and then re-enter the registered number.
  • The bank now has your cell phone number on file.

Visit the nearest ICICI branch

You must bring your original Aadhaar & pan card to the nearby ICICI Bank branch. After submitting the necessary paperwork, your mobile phone number will be upgraded within two business days.

Update through e-mail

You can change your mobile number by sending an email to NRIs should use the international number to call in and make a request. You can download the request form, fill it out, and send it to the address provided on the form.


Due to security concerns, they’ve stopped allowing customers to register or update their mobile phone numbers through Customer Care or Internet Banking.

The bank account will be more secure if we register a mobile phone number with the bank. For the sake of protecting our hard-earned money, we must ensure that our bank account is protected with the most advanced security measures. Banks are the safest bet, but we should proceed with caution.

It is the bank’s responsibility to notify us whenever there are any transactions in our bank account. As long as we keep our phone number on file with the bank, we’ll be able to take advantage of any promotional offers.

Two-step verification offers better security

Having a mobile number registered with our bank ensures the highest level of security for our account against any unauthorized access thanks to a two-step verification process.

Passwords are required whenever we attempt to access our online or mobile banking accounts. Two-step verification will, however, be more secure because it will send us a text with a code to our registered mobile number whenever someone tries to log into our bank account.

Save time and money

We’re all too busy these days to go to the bank & register or change our mobile number. Our lives are made easier and more intimate by technological advancements.

We can go about our daily routines and visit the closest ATM, as well as register or change our mobile phone numbers. Save both money and time.

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