Buying an Inverter battery for the first time? Here’s How to Select the Best Inverter Battery for Your Home

First-time buyers mostly have next to no idea about inverter batteries and are often confused as to which battery would be the best fit for their homes. If you too are looking for the best inverter battery, then we are going to discuss a few points with you that will help you find out the ideal battery.


Brand and Build Quality

Choosing a brand shouldn’t be that difficult, as there are plenty of brands in the market that sell inverter batteries; however, it’s best if you choose one that’s well-known and follows the highest standards in manufacturing, using the highest-grade components. So, if you want your money’s worth then choose a brand that is capable of delivering on its promise.

Type of Battery

Flat plate batteries are best for areas with short and frequent power cuts, while tubular batteries are best for areas with long power cuts. But both of these batteries have some key differences:

  • Flat plate batteries are compact in size, while tubular batteries are bigger
  • Flat plate batteries are best for homes having less nos. of electrical appliances, tubular batteries can handle more nos. of household appliances.
  • Flat plate batteries are best suited for areas with frequent and shorter power cuts
  • Tubular batteries are best for areas with long power cuts and are suitable for heavy load appliances.

Apart from that, tubular batteries are generally costlier than flat plate batteries due to their size and ability to handle additional loads. So, if you have a household with multiple air conditioners, refrigerators, pumps, geysers, etc. then tubular batteries would make more sense for you.

Service Life and Maintenance Costs

Inverter batteries should typically last anywhere between 5-8 years, and sometimes even more if they are maintained properly. So, unless you want to go battery shopping sooner than you expect, you must always verify a battery’s service life and how much it would cost you to maintain the battery throughout its lifecycle. Reading up verified customer reviews is a good way to start researching about a battery’s service life and maintenance costs.

Always choose a battery that’s known for little to no maintenance requirements as you may not realize, but high maintenance costs mean more money gone from your wallet. So, if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on battery maintenance, then always choose a high-quality battery.

Never Buy Locally made Batteries

The best inverter battery isn’t manufactured locally, so don’t buy cheap batteries from local sellers as they may appear inexpensive; however, they come with their inherent risks. You can never be sure about the quality control measures taken during the manufacturing process, and any overheating or overloading incident can put your family at the risk of a fire hazard or even an explosion in the battery.

Finding the best inverter battery should be easy now that you know what to look for in a battery, and what you must avoid doing. So, in case you are looking, you can check out Luminous catalogue of best-in-class batteries that are a league apart, and go through the highest-standards during the manufacturing process, along with extensive testing to ensure the highest safety standards. This means that no matter which product you choose, you will be bringing home a battery that’s sure to give you an extended service life with maximum safety, while requiring next to no maintenance, thanks to the quality of components used in the manufacturing process.

In the end, just remember the best inverter battery is the one that meets all of your requirements while adhering to industry standards. As a consumer, you must always spend some time sifting through multiple options, and then make an informed decision so that you are able to get maximum value for your money no matter which product you are buying.

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