How To Register Mobile Number In Andhra Bank?

Are you a customer of Andhra Bank, or do you know someone who is? With a broad range of banking services and products, Andhra Bank is a well-known bank in India. Customers’ demands necessitate changes in the bank’s services.

This service is welcomed in banking because customers receive immediate SMS alerts about transactions on one‘s registered mobile number. To receive SMS alerts, account holders must register their mobile phone number at their local branch.

Existing account holders who want to use their current mobile number can do so by registering their old mobile number. The registered mobile phone number can also be changed if you are experiencing difficulties with the current number.

How To Register Mobile Number In Andhra Bank

Andhra Bank requires you to take a few steps for registering or change your mobile number.

Steps to register mobile number in Andhra Bank

By visiting Bank

  • Visit the Andhra bank’s headquarters.
  • Bring the originals and copies of your Proof of Address & Proof of Identity documents with you at all times.
  • Request a Kyc Documents mobile registration form from the branch’s Accounts Executive.
  • Make sure you include your permanent phone number when filling out this form.
  • Sign the form & attach the necessary documents (if required).
  • Verify all of the information on the form.
  • Send the application and supporting documents together.
  • The Accounts Executive would then check the form and the phone number on it to make sure they match

You will get a notification once the mobile number has been successfully validated. You will begin receiving SMS notifications following each transaction as soon as your mobile number is updated in the bank’s records.

Through ATM

  • First, go to an Andhra Bank ATM in your area.
  • Insert your credit card now.
  • “Services” is where you’ll find the options, followed by language.
  • Next, type in your ATM PIN
  • Because of this, choose “SMS Registration” and then click the Agree button.
  • Select “Correct” after you’ve entered your cell phone number.
  • Select “Correct” after re-entering your mobile phone number again.
  • Decide on a type of account.
  • Finally, you’ll see the message “Your transaction has been successfully completed” on your screen.
  • In Andhra Bank, you must follow the same procedure to change your mobile phone number. You’ll always know what’s going on with your account & transactions if you sign up for SMS alerts.

Write an application to the bank manager

  • To begin, you’ll need to submit a request application to the Andhra bank branch manager at your primary branch location.
  • Take a sheet of A4-sized plain paper
  • Use a blue or a black pen, as desired.
  • Write an application and submit it in the bank office in the name of branch head
  • A photocopy of a self-attested document should also be attached to this application letter.
  • A photocopy of your AADHAR Card or another relevant document can therefore be submitted. For example, you can use your voter id card, your driver’s license, or your passport as proof of identity when voting.

Congrats. Finally, your phone number will be linked to the bank account within three to four days.

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