How to join Auroville in India?

A township namely Auroville is popularly known for human unity. It is located near Pondicherry in the southern state of India. This town is meant to be a universal town where men and women globally come here to lives in synchronization and peace above all nationalities, faiths, rituals and politics. People from across the world come here to learn the true lessons of life. Are you one of them who have eagerly wanted to join Auroville? If yes, then you read all details about the joining of Auroville.


Joining for Auroville

Before making any final decision, people are required to make a preliminary visit to Auroville. Peoples, who are non-Indians and wants to join Auroville, should have entry-visa and letter of recommendation. In the case of volunteers, applicants can fill the application form on their official website. Thus, there are two ways to join Auroville:

  1. As a Volunteer
  2. As a Newcomer

1. As a Volunteer – By following few steps, anyone can join Auroville as a Volunteer

In Auroville, the volunteer should stay for a temporary duration to understand the projects of Auroville and participates in various activities. Volunteers should explore new things about this community.

How can apply?

  • Fill application form – Before applying to volunteer in Auroville, applicants should fill an application form on the official website of Auroville (Savi).
  • Visa – Applicants must have a minimum of 6 months to 1-year visa (especially entry visa). The visa must be submitted to the Auroville Foundation contract. Remember, a business visa and no employment will not be accepted by the Auroville Foundation.
  • Expenses – He or she is responsible for all expenditures including transport, food, travelling, housing, etc. Apart from this, the applicant has to pay monthly rs. 900 as a volunteer contribution.
  • Insurance and Liability – Applicants is responsible for all their liabilities. He or she should achieve sending home an insurance letter before applying in Auroville.
  • Further Rules and Regulations – In case if anyone wants to leave Auroville, they can’t break the agreement rules. Applicants should inform the foundation or give prior notice to Savi.
  • Conversion from Volunteer to Newcomer –3 months from arrival along with entry service, a volunteer can apply for the newcomer procedure.

2. As a Newcomer –Newcomer procedure is for those applicants who to become a permanent resident of Auroville. Applicants should read the below-mentioned details before applying to a newcomer in Auroville.

How can apply?

  • Make an Appointment – Applicants should appear for the preliminary interview through the entry service. Applicants make an appointment for that procedure.
  • Visa – Tourist visas will apply to foreigners for the first visit to Auroville. Such applicants can apply for the newcomer process. Through entry service, all foreigners will get the desirable endorsement from the authority of Auroville.
  • Expenses – All expenses including food, livelihood will manage by themselves. All foreigners need to pay an overall of 10,000 Rs including flight tickets and admin fee, submit it to the Unity fund. Additionally, 3400 Rs monthly expense should also pay by all residents.
  • Insurance – Foreign applicants must have private insurance for applying to a newcomer in Auroville.

Further Rules and Regulation – Newcomer can’t leave Auroville without informing Resident and Entry Services.