How to Find Your LIC Policy Number by Name and Date of Birth

Sometimes we end up losing important documents. This can be your driving license, Aadhaar Card or even Insurance Policy. It is possible to obtain a duplicate copy of the document if you have the document number. For example, if you have your Aadhaar Number with you, you will be able to get a copy of Aadhaar Copy within a few minutes.

This is also true with our LIC Policy. It is not possible to memorize the LIC Policy Number and we may end up losing or damaging the LIC Policy Number. What do we do in such a case?

Do not worry, there is nothing to panic about as we are here to help you with this. We are going to help you in finding your Policy Number so that you don’t have to run from pillar to post to find the details. To begin with, have the name of policy holder and Date of Birth of Policy Holder Handy with you.

Let us now look at different ways to find the LIC Policy Number

Finding LIC Policy Number with LIC Portal

If you create a registration ID for yourself after getting the policy then it would be really easy for you to find the LIC Policy Number. You need to visit the LIC Customer Portal by navigating to and on this website, you need to login to your account using your mobile number, date of birth and password.

You will be redirected to the dashboard as soon as you login and from the dashboard, click on All Policies. This will display the list of policies that you ever registered with the portal. You can obtain the policy number from there along with other details.

It should be noted that you can reset your password to LIC Portal if you are not able to recall the password. It is quite easy to reset the password as well. Hence, this is the easiest process to find the LIC Policy Number with Name and Date of Birth.

Finding LIC Policy Number with Help of Customer Care

If you didn’t register for LIC Portal then it could get a little difficult for you to find the policy number. In such a case, you would have to call the customer care. The contact number for Customer care is 022 6827 6827. Once you call the customer care, explain the issue to the executive.

The executive will be able to help you in finding the policy number by searching through multiple criteria. He can even find the details by finding it via Mobile Number, Address and other such personal details.

Finding LIC Policy Number With Help of Agent

If you purchased the policy from an LIC Agent then you can be lucky. Most of the LIC Agents keep the record of the Policy they sold and hence your agent can help you in finding your Policy Number. he can even help you in getting the copy of Policy issued once again. But most of the people today purchase LIC Policy via Online Portals. In such a case, the online portal can also be contacted as they keep a record of the policies that you hold.

Finding LIC Policy Number With help of Home Branch

Next option that you have is to visit the home branch and submit an application with all the personal details. The executive at Home Branch will help you in purchasing the Policy and in addition to this, they will also reissue the policy for you within no time. You can visit the Contact Us Section of the LIC website to find the nearest home branch in your city.

Checking Unclaimed and Outstanding Amount with LIC Portal

This is another way to find the details but this can only be used if the Policy has matured and if the amount is due from LIC to a party. In such a case, you can use the LIC portal to find the details of the policy with help of name and date of birth.

It should be noted that these records are made available if no one claims for the money in a period of 6 months from the settlement due date. The portal is updated twice in a year by LIC.

You can find the details of any type of death claim, survival benefits, Maturity Claim and Other Premium Adjustments here. Here is the process to do so.

LIC Policy

  • Now, enter the mandatory field. The only mandatory field here is the name and date of birth. You can even enter the PAN Number to make it easy to search. Submit the form after entering the details.
  • This will display the unclaimed amount if any. Once you find that, you can reach out to LIC and get the LIC Details.

This was the process to get the LIC Policy Number with help of name and date of birth. We would suggest you to register the account if you haven’t already registered the account with LIC Portal as this can save you from a lot of pain in future.

In addition to this, the portal also compiles all the information in a well-managed manner which can be of great help to policy holder.

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