How To Change The Registered Mobile Number In Indane Gas Online?

If updating the mobile number is a chore for you, you can simplify the process by following a set of simple rules. In Indian cooking, the gas cylinder is a critical component. Digital services, on the other hand, have made simple tasks like reserving a gas cylinder and providing the local address a thing of the past.

However, if you’ve recently changed your phone number, you’ll need to update it.

Furthermore, distributors will make you aware of your reserved cylinder because it is their responsibility to allow you to reserve refill cylinders. You can also track your order with ease thanks to the fact that the distributor can easily identify your identity. However, the automation process will not accept the reservation if you have not registered.

Indane Gas

Why you should have a registered mobile number for indane gas?

To reserve refill cylinders via IVRS or SMS, the primary purpose of registering an Indane customer’s phone number or mobile number is to do so.

Both the distributor and the Indane Company will use the registered phone number to send out informational messages every now and then.

IVRS & SMS requests will be recognized automatically by the Indane booking system once the phone number has been registered, and no additional human interaction is required to verify your customer identity.

It is possible that the IVRS, as well as SMS booking service, may not be accepted if you try and book your refill from a phone that is not linked to the consumer number.

Here are 3 common methods to change registered mobile number in indane gas online:

IVRS method

To get your new phone number registered, you must go through a specific process. As a first step, call your given IVRS number from the phone number that is already registered. After that, there will be a fourth option, stating the possibility of changing one’s personal registration number.

That’s where you need to click. They will then ask you to click a digit which is 1 after you’ve completed the click the cancellation of your registered number is indicated by the digit 1. If you need to reorder, you’ll need to register your new phone number, and the new entry would be added to the system automatically.

SMS method

It is necessary to follow a code & SMS to update the mobile phone number in India using the SMS method. The code is displayed in the following format.

IOC STD CODE < Distributor’s telephone number < Your consumer contact

Online method

Indane gas customers can update their mobile phone numbers online, which is both convenient and accessible. Indane gas’s official website is the first place you need to go to is the address of the online resource. In order to log in, the website will ask for your personal information, and you’ll be prompted to enter that information.

You can change or update the mobile number once you’ve reached your profile. Simple to complete, it takes no more than 5 to 7 mins and gets you enrolled with a new phone number right away.


Using any of the methods outlined above to update your mobile phone number with Indane gas is a cinch. Any of these options will help you stay on top of distributor-supplied information. No need to stop by the Indane gas office to get any questions answered during this drive. It’s easy to refill and schedule cylinders on the official Indane website, which has step-by-step instructions.

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