How To Change Registered Mobile Number in Airtel DTH

2008 saw the entry of Airtel into the direct satellite television market. During the process, the customer must have their Airtel DTH id Number on hand. If you don’t have access to the registered phone, you can look up the DTH number in the EPG section of the set-top box.

Because of this, Airtel has since become an important DTH player. Customers of Airtel DTH can choose from a wide variety of Set-Top Box that includes pre-curated packages of channels and allow them to customize their own channel selections.

Customers who want to use its services must first register their mobile phone number with the provider in order to do so.


There are a few steps the subscriber will need to take in order to update their registered mobile number.

How to get Customer ID?

During the process, the customer must have their Airtel DTH id Number on hand. Customers of Airtel Digital TV can look up their customer ID via SMS or a missed call if they can’t recall it. From the registered mobile, the subscriber may text the word “BAL” to 54325.

You will receive a text message with the customer ID as well as the Airtel DTH number. The customer ID can also be obtained by making a missed call to 08130081300 from a registered mobile phone.

Every Indian household now has at least one DTH connection. Recharging plans, service providers, and types of services are all things that people are keen to learn about and keep up to date on.

Why updating number is important?

Despite the fact that many DTH subscribers are happy with their service, some may be missing out on some of the more unique aspects of DTH. The registered mobile phone number for a DTH service may remain the same even if a customer changes their phone number, which may cause difficulties in obtaining future services.

The Airtel TV DTH service, on the other hand, offers an easy way for its customers to update their mobile numbers. You can alter the mobile phone number on the Airtel DTH TV by following this step-by-step guide.

How to change your phone number in Airtel DTH

  • In order to do this, go to
  • Click “Submit” after entering the Airtel Digital TV Id Number. When you press the Menu button on the Airtel DTH remote and select My Account, you’ll get your Airtel Digital TV User Account.
  • Entering “Submit” will bring you to the next page, where you’ll see two options. Enter your new mobile phone number in the “Alter the registered number” option.
  • Enter the number once more in the following box to be sure, and then click “Change number.”
  • Verification options include “Please enter the Pin Code,” “Enter the last recharge amount,” and a month-by-month breakdown of how much you’ve reloaded. In order to complete the process, you must correctly answer two questions.
  • When all of your answers are correct, your phone number will be updated.
  • As long as your new updated mobile number generates a two-factor authentication code (OTP), your registered mobile phone number will be updated.

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